Friday, March 29, 2013

The Great Duck Race


Easter Friday, I open my eyes and wake up, I’m at Alan and Zoe’s. Oh god its 1 O'clock I must have been tired. Apparently we were meant to get up to go to The Manchester Great Duck Race, however it would appear details were incorrect and in fact its on this afternoon, so we spring into action

catch a train and before you know it we are on the West Side of Manchester near the river.

See one River and a crowd of excited children and me!

We position ourselves next to the finish line, ooh yeah.

Are you excited nack?

George is obviously excited holding his warming cup of hot chocolate on this very cold afternoon.

The crowd get rowdy as the first race is going to get going.

The excitement is hard to, well burst out.

And they were off.

People were taking risks to get a better view.

At first they didn’t seem to move very quickly.

but there was one in front.

Then you could see why, erm a nifty design with a sail!

Where is Sara’s duck though?

Oh there it is

For some reason I think its been shot and is floating on its side Sad smile

Mind it is not last and they are in the final section.

Quack Quack

And there goes Spider Duck.

Nearly at the finish.

And some are now lagging behind.

So time passes for the stragglers.

The finish line catches most

And for some, well they need to be rescued.

Once they are all gathered up its time for race number two, the public duck race.

Now I thought I was making a long video of this but in fact the only thing I was doing was getting a very very very cold hand. So once I realised this I took some picks, here come the hundreds for little duckies.

And some went much quicker than others.

To the finish and with some beyond.

And more and more of them came down the river

It would have been on of my best films yet.

One ponders who the lucky winners would be.

They all slowly reach the end

and the show is over. From here we head down the road and go in Black, where Alan and Zoe get some new hiking boots. This is an important moment to recall as it would have been practical for myself to but no doubt I wasn’t thinking forward apart from think of my belly.

And before you know it we are in La Tassca.

I’m drinking the Spanish stuff whilst the starter comes

Bread, oil and a bit of vinegar, yummy yum yum yum.

Whilst the others get their main course I’m left thinking, now's the time to go on that diet perhaps.

Yes you enjoy whilst I get the waitress over to see what's happened to mine. I conclude they forgot to cook it, the item on the menu that said this will take a while to cook.

Eventually it comes and I’m warned it is very hot be careful. There’s something magical about this pellela

We head out of here and to Piccadilly Records to get their last copy of the new Depeche Mode Album. In fact hey have to find it first. We then head round the corner for a drink.

Whilst I enjoy the cherry beer I have I drool over the art working thinking will this be any good???

The cherry beer goes down all to well and this is the start of a slippery slope.

Sometime later we arrive back to Alan's and Zoë's, but there is no time to stop, no in the door and out of the door

And to the bus stop. We catch a bus and can you believe it, up here they have free wi fi on the buses!

We arrive at some pub I can’t remember the name of now (The Railway), but noted that they have there own micro brewery, and so go for one of those.

Here we meet Matt, Steph and Keith and we are here to enjoy the drama of a local group who once a year go round the pubs donga bit of acting and money raising.

From here we miss the Magnet where the armature drama group are going next as the pub is always busy and head into the crown where they will come next.

Notably someone likes only fools and horses.

Here we sink a few nice ales before watching the drama group and then heading onto the Old Vic where they are going next.

For some reason we take photos of the big brick bridge

Before finding somewhere to settle our bums on. I think Alan's very happy expression say it all about the state we are in by now gulp.

The actors turn up and with more room

and an audience that is watching

some sword fighting goes on.

Then a trumpet comes out

No one can resist having a blow

oh dear where did that hat come from?

The excitement is overwhelming and then came out Zombie Dice.

with strangers whom where about to become taught how to play.

Which to me was all to simple to win over and over.

Eventually the night came to an end and it was time to say goodnight and to see it Alan had left any Pizza on the living room table. The thing is he had, but I just wanted to be asleep….

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