Thursday, March 07, 2013

The last good day in the snow

We wake up to another dull morning. Grr. Anyway to see where we went today click the text below and if need be select satellite view.

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 07/03/2013 09:30 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 54.62 km (33.9 mi) Total time: 7:05:11 Moving time: 6:40:35 Average speed: 7.71 km/h (4.8 mi/h) Average moving speed: 8.18 km/h (5.1 mi/h) Max speed: 59.00 km/h (36.7 mi/h) Average pace: 7.78 min/km (12.5 min/mi) Average moving pace: 7.33 min/km (11.8 min/mi) Fastest pace: 1.02 min/km (1.6 min/mile) Max elevation: 2319 m (7609 ft) Min elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Elevation gain: 8128 m (26668 ft) Max grade: 1237 % Min grade: -470 % Recorded: 07/03/2013 09:30


Today I have swapped my board over to the Atomic Alibi 163, in preparation for icy conditions.

Only when we get out its not icy at all. Well too late now I its about time I used this board more anyway.

So down and up our usual lift.

You’ll never guess where we are heading for?

No hints

Yep were having a hard snowboarding day in Le Corbier, we’re going to do every run.

Down we go to the center

which can only mean one thing, yep thats right my brother disappears for pee.

Come on the que for the six man is getting bigger.

I’m not sure what to say really,

When were not going up,

were going down.

Then up

Then down. Are you trying to do every run or something my brother asks?

Off course I am

Eventually we become tired and thirsty

Down another run but this time

We head down to the bottom and get ready for sit down.

Well some of us are the other person is locking the ski and snowboard up

All done then?

And whilst sitting there enjoying our frittes and tea, the sun pokes its head out.

I take this moment to go into the sub terrainian shopping center, to post some post cards and to see if I can get a sticker for my boards. The post office is right at the far end of the well resort so I have a good look around this gloomy place. Buy a can of Tango for £2.50 and come across a shop that has stickers. She is most excited about the fact I want a sticker and tells me it is double sided. I don’t see how its going to help me, but she takes me to the window and shows me it can be read properly both side of the glass. Yeah fine I’ll take 2, yes two. She disappears so I head for the post card rack and consider getting some post cards of Le Corbier, in fact I do. I don’t know where she has been storing the stickers but she comes back with even more choices. Yes I want the post cards too, and yes if you have blue stamps I’ll take them. She was happy I was happy and so I paid her and plodded off back to my brother.

Did you get your stickers then? Yep, boy is this place ugly inside.

And so we get our gear, change our googles for sunshine ones and

head on up to where the sky is blue.

Ready for some more action

Up, down, up, down,

We do some of the harder runs, and now with the sun out the snow is going soft.

But we are loving it

So so good

more down, more up, more down

And back up to the top where

over the ridge you can clearly see Saint Sorlin

And there's that green area and to the right the small car park. Can’t see it/

There you go

Whilst time is pushing on I decide to head for Saint Jean and so off we head.

down, down

across, hold on where’s my brother going. What is he going behind that building for???

I wait

Then I move on

Going slowly down

is he going to come

ah here he is.

and so over the top of the mountain and down

to the village of Saint Jean

It seems like we made it here so quick.

no time for another drink we should be back at the hotel by now.

And so to the chairlift

Fro a slow ride

The sun has caught this place somewhat and there's now green grass showing on the mountain side.

A secret slope to the chalets

Once at the top off the chair lift and down the green run as quick as you can. Then that drag lift to the top and then down the base area and then

up the six man chair lift to the top

down a couple of runs we hadn’t done and then

to the bottom to go up again

and on our way back the short way.

a nice gentle ride

which places us just above our hotel.

and to the back door.

And get my snowboard, wipe it dry and put that sticker on.

I also put one on my Nitro Suprateam. My brother takes my dad and and I’m going to take my mom to the single green slop around the corner.

I put our gear in the car. open the garage door and we head off.

Luckily there is a single parking space just big enough for my car nearthe base of the slope. We walk onto it….

There is a very flat area, so I place my snowboard in the  snow so my mom has something to aim for, can you see it?

There it is.

I drag my mom up the slope by having here cross her sticks and pulling her up by them.

It is coming back to her slowly.

And whilst there is lift she is not ready to use. I pull her up and down the slope like a yo yo ready to drop dead from exhaustion. Must be impressive to see by the on lookers though.

I keeping doing it for a long as she wat s to practice. She is getting better again – yes.

I suggest it is time to pack up as I’m ready to die.

besides the sun is going down behind the mountains.

And so back in the car, our gear off, we head back for a swim! No rest for the lazy!

Later that night we head downstairs to the restaurant

Fro another great meal a beer and some writing time, but I’m so tired…….

Its time for bed thankgod.

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