Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They made a classic mistake.


To go to France I had brought this book celebrating the Atari’s 40th Anniversary. It was was going to be a retro heaven read.

There is so so much in here and well it brings back some memories, running from the very begining, the machines, the games and

the game developers. David Crane’s article was most interesting

with his paragraph “they made a classic mistake, one that is repeated over and over in every business. They didn’t follow rule number one, if you make your living on creative products, keep your talent happy.”

We all now where this was going to end and today the Atari Jaguar came through the door. Did I want one, was I cursious? Was it really far more powerful than the Playstation One?? Was it? Was it really? Well the proof is in the pudding and the pudding was sold onto my brother within a week. I’m not saying it was that bad, it wasn’t in fact on a CRT it was good. But did I really need another console? No I did not………One week was enough.

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