Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Fairy Tale Dinner

I had a shower to get rid of all that mud on me from my bike ride with my contact lenses in, only I get water in my eyes and that messes them up. I quickly pack an ‘overnight’ bag say goodbye to the cat and head up the motorway to

Alan and Zoƫ's. Its wet up here but obviously not inside there house. A cup of tea and a litre of water yet my one lens is continuing to play up. This now has the adverse effect of not correcting my lenses but needing plumbing me.

Zoe sits us down with a huge amount of bottle tops to create chainmail from. I can see this is a big job. A real big job.

That is whilst Alan pokes me with his willow weaving and making us all watch an ‘Are You Being Served’ documentary. Eventually it is time to pack ad get ready to go over to Roses for Games and dinner.

And here we have what was to be a most spectacular dinner, well certainly a joy to eat, she is quiet exceptional at cooking weather she believes it or not.

We play a few different games starting and ending the night with Brendan's Magic and Fairy Tale Mice Dice. Nope I’ve never heard of it either. A game of creative story telling, where you have to create a story, on your turn you roll a dice, and from what symbol is face up you have to adapt and continue the story from where the last person left off. This involved some hard listening to the story as it was created and at points just unbelievable attributes seemed to hilariously added.

And before you knew it it was 4:15am and I’d appeared out of the Tardis, took a potion, grown back to my original size, climbed in the soft bed and went fast fast asleep…

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