Saturday, April 27, 2013

I got up in the morning when the sun was dawning

I had a couple of things to do today, one was getting my haircut, what a nice job they did.

The other was getting my watch battery replaced, I noticed it had stopped on Tuesday and I only wear on those one off occasions, and as I was going out tonight it was one of those occasions. I got to the car park in Cannock went on in and waved at a chap who was patently waiting for me to pass up a ramp. Nicely he came over and said if you want you can have my ticket out of my car its got 2 hours left on it. What a nice thought. Off I go into the town and into the market that I rarely enter, hoping to find a watch battery place. I find a stall with a bored chap I hand over my watch and he gets about sorting it out. In front of me on his battery rack I see a fiver, obviously his last customer had dropped it on there. I hand it over to him with some confusion as he is not listening to me, and then pay the astonishing £4 for the battery and fitting (the place place I went was a tenna), and him insisting it was a quality Swiss made battery for that.

I finally head into the Compton Hospice shop to see if they have any ties worth purchasing they do and I come out happily with 4.

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