Saturday, April 27, 2013

Les is Forty


I head around Les’s to see him, drop off his card and present. I had a good chat with his neighbour who really did appreciate the noise that is emitted from the little green money pit.

My timing was perfect as 10 minutes later Sarah and the children come round with a birthday cake she has made – apart from the kitkats around the edge,

Looks too nice to eat – and besides even though I didn’t re-mention it for the millionth time – I’m really not into chocolate at all. And good god look at just how much chocolate she has managed to cook into that work of art. I quite like the pigs but I’m, not sure what she was trying to say.

Before the cake was cut though some candles had to be put in it and lit.

Les was out with the sharp knife while Tegan eagerly awaited.

Les leaves to go to his beloved Wolves match and I ensure his neighbours know its his birthday.

I finally make it Wolvo, some 2 hours later than I intended. Lets not go there… I’m here now and here’s your other badge – wear with pride.

So we visit a few pubs Including the Lychn Gate, The Billy Wright and the Possada.

Before heading across to Les’s mecca and where he has been all afternoon enjoying the riot on the pitch.

To the Molineux and Sir Jacks Restaurant

More beer please whilst we wait in the bar. In fact we got so comfy are we actually going to eat?

It looks like we are moving

Ah at last we get to site above the garden area.

So for starters I have mullet.

Anticipation whilst we wait the main course.

I have ordered fish and chips, Pollock to be precise.

Greenie, I was expecting this. I order fish and chips and get 4 chips! Yet you order steak and chips and get all those chips!

Just look. Where the ketchup?

Oh course I knew this was going to happen and had ordered some additional chips which came last of all. Everyone signed a breath of relief.


f course though you can’t take children anywhere and Nack started to play chip Jenga! Well I’m waiting for the ketchup.

The ketchup never came!

Nack eat the chips and forget the ketchup, it will go cold.

I was pacified by a cheese board for dessert, not very imaginative on chiefs side.

Eventually it was time to retire

Les was asleep even though they’d forgotten to not turn the stadium lights off.

Although they had at the front door.


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