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On top of Wales

Before we set of on this journey, as usual you can click the photo above to see ALL the photos. However I have had a comment as follows:

wyddfa said: The most boring set of pictures of Snowdon/Snowdonia ever - stretched across 9 entire pages!

For those of you who wish to join the shorter journey please carry on.

So I woke looked around and then put my head back down. Just 30 more minutes then I’ll get up. Before you know it I was round Les eating egg on toastie whilst he was preparing to get ready himself. A nip up the road to my Brothers, the local Esso garage and we where flying up the M6 and then across the top of Wales heading for Llanberis.

At Lanberis some time later, we have a quick drive around and then park the car up. Les seems horrified at the £4 a day parking tariff which considering how long we where going to be I thought was OK – has he haver parked at the Bullring?

We get our gear together and I put my contact lenses in.

The sign says this way.

We enjoy the local notice board and then head over to the Summit Railway.

Here I buy the O.S. map and the local map. It runs through a few things you should take on the walk.

1. Compass and guid map/book – check

2. Walking boot/walking shoes – check Les your buggered.

3. Walkiing socks including a spare set. Check me – you pair are buggered.

4. Walking trousers, no jeans – All check ok

5. Warm upper body clothing – All check

6. Gloves – nope

7. Torch and spare bulb and batteries – 3 telephones

8. Whilst and note paper and pencil – 3 telephones to text with.

9. Survival bag – oh bugger we forgot the survival bag.

I thinks its best we skip the rest and head to point

15. camera. – yes we have one of those.


Well the first stop is the watefalls near the bottom

And when I said near the bottom what I meant was up a very step walk which got all 3 of us panting. Are we really all this unfit.

Not that we stop. I mean who’s going to back out at this point.

You do know he could have driven the car to here don’t says Les.

Well thats one amzing waterfall you have made us come to Les.

Does Nack really think we are going to get to the top? Well give me the map back and we’d better cut across here to get back on track to the mountain path.

Its across the railway here.

And so off we head in the “general” right direction.

Past the waterfall – best not to get too close.

Across marshy land.

oh look the chu chu, lets wave.

I’m not waving at no train, which I’d like to point out we should be on – said Les

Les where would the fun be in that. Anyway over this style onto the railway and across the bridge, we’d better rush in case the train comes back…..

Nice view off here.

Over another style and into a grassy field, erm also marshy.

Onto some tarmac, the going should be easier here.

The lads being to work up a sweat.

From tarmac to path. Not far now.

I’ve got to have a rest, these hills are killing me.

Once rested up we set off again.

Much slower of course than everyone else on the trail.

The summit must be over there somehwere

With my amazing contact lenses on I can see that this path just goes on and on.

Sometimes and mainly upwards.

The path becomes snowy

Why oh why did I agree to this last night?

Then the snow goes but the climb upwards does not.

I get to a gate.

Yep the path goes on for ever through here.

I look back they are slowly winding their way up.

Veiw ahead looks nice.

At the gate Rob and Les have a rest.

I’m not sure it would be a good idea to show them where we have got to on the map. It might be soul destroying.

Not long now and up they get.

And the path goes on and on and on, and on.

I’m not sure but I think we’re heading to that big whitish thing.

ah look there's the train again.

Lets wave.

and off it rattles.

And so we continue the ever upwards journey.

What do you mean you need a rest?

Where are we on that map?

Tell me its not far now?

Look its not far to the cafe a the half way point we’ll stop and have a cup of tea there.

and so we plod on and on and on

sometimes through snow.

sometimes not

With no cafe in view….

It can’t be far away now surely?

LEs stops to admire they view.

It is slowly getting snowier.

oh what's that ahead?

Look its the cafe.

I look back but I’m actually talking to myself.

And here we are on the map.

We go in have a chat with the lady there and order some teas, cakes and sandwiches.

What the lady doesn’t realise is that she has meat her best customer of the day!

Whilst here we learn some Welsh chit chat which is going to prove most useful.

Having got up I know there not going to want to. ‘m now wet with sweaty clothing. Er yuk.

Anyway I’m out of the door.

I look behind me. Are they coming?

Ah here they are.

Look at these three plonkers they’ll never make it.

From the cafe onwards there is a notice increase n snow coverage

Which doesn’t break. We slow down even further.

Ah look there the chu chu wave.

The snowy path goes on and on.

Yes I know they’re loving it now.

I plod along my damp Hi Tec walking boots doing alright in the slippery stuff.

Yep their coming slowly – no doubt enjoying the scenery more than me.

I plod along my damp Hi Tec walking boots doing alright in the slippery stuff. This is going to be their very last adventure. I have soggy feet thankgod for those spare socks!

I wonder if Santa lives up here?

Erm doesn’t that look….cold.

And then once more the gradient increases.

Which does mean the views get better.

Do you think he’s goning to make us go all the way?

You know my brother when he has something in his mind

They catch me up once more

but there's still a long way to go, well looking at the map.

And another break. Do they need oxygen?

Les carry's on climbing in his trainers.

Look at the lake down there

all frozen up.

Look lads a fence to cling to.

The climb is slippy but there's ample chance to take in the gorgeous winter views.

and yes they are clinging to the fence.

Well I’m knackered. We rest here for a while.

I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying this walk. We must do it more often.

Look over there, thats where the path keeps going and going and going.

We clamber up and get to where you pass under the railway.

Will it be any more snowier on the other side?

Sure is.

Real wintery now.

This sucks.

Come on I still can’t see the top.

I don’t think it exists Nack give in.

All these other peaks have a summit.

Just up here there got to be something interesting there's a gathering of people.

Wonder what's going on here.

A lot of chit chat about not going any further.

You know its more slippery than ever.

Well its the end of the railway line.

And the start of some very deep snow.

I can see the path ahead still though

Are you serious?

Les it will be alright, trust me Winking smile 

Les and my brother follows me up the path but they are really struggling.

And if they are struggling getting up then they are going to struggle more getting down.

It is decided that Lss is going back tot he half way cafe. Nack is going to continue to the summit his come this far and he’s not turning back (yet) and my brother doesn’t want me to die alone. How reassuring.

Les wanders down to safety

and we turn around and head on up. Look we aren't the only people going for it.

We take it easy up the narrow path

As we get higher the veiws truely get better and better.

and the path steeper.

Your serious about continuing? You can’t even see where the path ends or the summit is?2

I’m going to die…..

This path goes on forever and ever.

and ever.

wish I’d brought my snowboard with me, and come up on the train.

I’m never going to the pub with you again.

and we walk and walk

and walk.

and walk some more.

ah look ground.

well for a short while back to the snow.

Look look look

there it is the summit. How exciting.

A wintery look over the lakes below – not so frozen.

The summit get closer and closer.

Looks like it going to get tough.

Les would have loved the views from up here.

The monolith stone.

My brother slips my brother slides but best of all off he strides.

The end is in sight and he has lost his fright.

Proberably helps that we are not alone up here now though.

This is obviously the way,

Looking back to where we have come from.

What do you mean your struggling again.

Thats right use your hands that's what there for.

Can’t be far now.

Nope it not there it is – I do a dance.

shucks someone has beaten us to it!

I don’t think he’s listening to me anymore.

Erm nice gear we should get ourselves some of that.

Up up up

Ah the cafe – closed mind I’ve been told on the way up by a girl in a tea cosy.

If I follow these pair they could help me up if I fall.

Look s like the birds are awaiting a victim.


and da dar here we are. Well nearly.

Get on up there so I can get your photo.

Push them off the side they’re all in the way to the perfect shot.

Well that will do. He even looks exhausted. I can’t think why.

Guess I’d better get up there myself.

Erm I knew I forgot something. A pick axe.

I ponder what they are looking at.

Wow weeeeeee.

To see this view you need to click the picture.

To see this view you need to click the picture.

Well here is the top of the stone.

And my brother finally smiling.

Look thats my hand.

I got to say though I’m shattered too and its kind of cold.

So how long did it take, click the photo. Boy it was worth it though. How many people see it like this?

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 07/04/2013 11:57 Activity type: - Description: Total distance: 7.48 km (4.6 mi) Total time: 3:35:32 Moving time: 2:39:43 Average speed: 2.08 km/h (1.3 mi/h) Average moving speed: 2.81 km/h (1.7 mi/h) Max speed: 8.00 km/h (5.0 mi/h) Average pace: 28.83 min/km (46.4 min/mi) Average moving pace: 21.37 min/km (34.4 min/mi) Fastest pace: 7.50 min/km (12.1 min/mile) Max elevation: 1131 m (3711 ft) Min elevation: 257 m (843 ft) Elevation gain: 1228 m (4030 ft) Max grade: 139 % Min grade: -358 % Recorded: 07/04/2013 11:57

No I won’t come down until everyone else goes home and you get a decent shot of me up here on my own.

Done and dusted

What do you mean you think we should leave. You do know how far it is back down don’t you?

Now there's as many photos going down as there are going up. But I’m not going to put you through it. That would be as painful as the this walk.

The thing was, apart from the slippery nature of the surface the way down was easier than up, after all gravity was on our side.

All the iciness wasn’t

The fresh air was good though.

Blimey not far to the half way cafe now.

And here is the half way cafe, trying to close but her best customer was still in there.

I knew you where alive, some girl with a tea cosy on her head said she’d seen you nearly at the top.

come on lets go there only so much tea one person can actually drink with out a toilet.

We hit tarmac yeah

And there the bridge near the water fall.

ah back at the village

thankgod there’s the car. I can’t wait to put those spare socks on. I wonder how long it took to get down? Well you can see by clicking the photo.

So we sat in the car, and I turned and said getting home could take a while I don’t think I can use the clutch very often shall we stick to third gear?

And don’t forget if you enjoyed these photos there another 900 to enjoy!

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