Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Replacing the cat

At last a warm day to work on my motor. Time for a service and a change of the 18 year catalytic converter. I’m hoping this will improve the emissions as last MOT it was on the border of failing – following all that engine failure crisis's I had sometime back.

So off with the leads

outwith the old plugs and in with some new ones.

A change of oil filter and oil and a bottle of greased lighting hopefully to stop that noisy tappet. And then to the underside of the cart and

the old cat, here it is off after some time under the car trying to get the nuts and bolts off that had enjoyed being together for some 18 years at some very hot temperature. There was plenty of swearing going on to get these off!

And here we have a replacement unit which I got from MX5bitz, can you tell the difference? Well I guess it will not stay that shiny.

And here it is fitted. Fingers crossed this will do the job. And after well I went topless to Welshpool and back. Did it go incedentless? Nope I got to Shrewsbury and stopped at an island, oh no more smoke from engine bay, pulled into the service opened the bonnet. Gulp the oil cap has come off – doh. And there was oil well everywhere, lubrication galore on the outside of the engine. Go into the shop to find they only have expensive mobile oil, either 65 5litre can or a £45 5 litre can of not quite as good stuff. So I get a £45 can. You wouldn’t believe it though only one litre had come out, but boy did that one litre go far.


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