Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super Audio Cd’s

Finally some SACD come through the post! Exciting I know but what's this? No noise? I put another SACD in but no noise still. I put another normal CD in and yes it plays. I adjust the settings. I definitely recognises a SACD is in there’s just no sound. Then I console myself to the fact that although I have gone out and got those optical joiners that perhaps I must use the phono leads I pull the stereo out and put the leads in. Yay there is sound, is it super. I still back and listen toMari Kovama playing Beethaoven Piano Sonata. Ah nice.

I also get Depeche Mode Music For the Masses

Personally noise wise I can’t tell the difference. Nice collects piece for my DM collection though.

And also playing the angle. I hav’t had time to sit and listen to this properly though.

Lots to enjoy on it when  do though.

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