Saturday, April 20, 2013

The chase

Saturday and I’ve arranged with my brother to go cycling over the chase. This means I get to use the ultimate MX5 accessory. No point having it otherwise is it.

Anyway as usual for all the photos click the picture above.

The bikes are loaded and we are ready for the off

Well nearly my brother gets a map out, why I don’t know he can’t read maps to save his life. Look just get in and we’ll calll Les on the way to see where he parks up and goes.

I now have a great view of bikes jangling.

A while later and still with the bikes on the back we park up.

Unload the bikes and get ready. I get some instructions off Les and head towards a big long hill he warns me. At the top I should be dead he says.

For some reason I can only consider he is exaggerating.

The hill appears and it goes on into the distance.

Luckily the weather is perfect for cycling.

He was right though the hill did nearly kill me at the top.

Eventually we end up at the stepping stones and the way back is across. We however have not had enough and decide to keep going.

Which was upwards!

Out of the woods and into greenier

Its easy enough though

We must be near Milford by now.

We speed along

Yep here Milford, time to head back but a slightly different route.

Oh bum. At this point I had got off my bike, something I don’t do often.

At the top though it was a test for the breaks as we speed down hill.

and back to the stepping stones.

Near the car park my brother wants to do it all again. Are you serious?

And so we start again although I tell him I will alter the route.

And so up that never ending hill

The pain in the legs near the top

and at the cross roads we have to stop.

Some liquid refreshment of what's left anyway.

From here it is down hill and fast yeah.

Then on the other side of the valley

until we reach the steeping stones again.

Now back to the car park.

Hold on hold on something's a miss.

oh dear me.

What you need is a Chinese maintenance free bike brother.

Luckily Alan has taught me never to go out with out the necessary gear with you. I open my saddle bag

Fix his bike and pray.

it holds up and we are off zipping along again.

Not far now

You don’t want to go around again?

We get off and drink the water I have in my boot. Gallons of it!

Put the bikes on the ultimate MX5 accessory and head back to my brothers.

Want to see the map of the route we did. Click the text below or the photo above.

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: Stafford, Staffordshire ST17 0WT Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 25.12 km (15.6 mi) Total time: 2:17:33 Moving time: 2:16:11 Average speed: 10.96 km/h (6.8 mi/h) Average moving speed: 11.07 km/h (6.9 mi/h) Max speed: 45.00 km/h (28.0 mi/h) Average pace: 5.48 min/km (8.8 min/mi) Average moving pace: 5.42 min/km (8.7 min/mi) Fastest pace: 1.33 min/km (2.1 min/mile) Max elevation: 265 m (868 ft) Min elevation: 122 m (399 ft) Elevation gain: 1012 m (3319 ft) Max grade: 37 % Min grade: -25 % Recorded: 20/04/2013 15:01

I get home and consider that maybe my Chinese maintenance free bike could do with some more brake blocks though.

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