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The Cheshire Matterhorn


Come on Nack get up we going to exercise you, anybody would think I’m a dog. Luckily I haven't brought any walking apparel with me what so ever – flash back to Friday when Allan and Zoe bought new walking shoes. Alan offers me his old walking shoes or his Welly boots. I go for the wellies.

We head off to Macclesfield forest and park up. from here it is by leg power.

Alan however is fully kitted out for an Extreme walk.

I’m not worried though. I looking forward to seeing some snow.

Now don’t get this wrong, this isn’t the walk and as Zoe said to Alan, where’s the map. Alan gets his phone out. Oh.

WE arrive where the walks start and the official car park.

I take a look at the situation. Erm I choose the walk to Shutlingsloe, its the highest point of Cheshire. Can we do that walk?

Here we have paper maps, toilet facilities and

a snack bar. Alan and Zoe can’t resist. You not want anything Nack?

Nack it tastes good are you sure you don’t want anything.

It’s truly FAB

We start the walk, full speed ahead then.

Having put my contact lenses I could clearly see the path disappear ahead of us for miles and no summit in sight.

My kind of walk then.

If only they had a dog. Woof Woof

Well it has snowed here.

At this point though the path was clear and Alan's wellie boots comfy.

The path started to climb and I started to breath – deeply, I was breathing already of course.

Look what I’ve found.

An icicle

The path continues upwards and now there is snow on it in places.

And places changes to snow covering the path. Now this s nice.

Alan’s wellies gripped well though.

And I was off. A not very often seen picture of Nack taking the lead. Well I knew where I was going up up up.

I ponder if they are up to this or not?

Then Alan try's to sneak by via the trees.

Showing me what his new footware can do.

The snow dissapears

An Zoe is keeping her’s looking nice too.

We keep moving

We are going the right way then.

Look we could have cycled it.

And if you want to go to the summit this is where you turn off from the forest.

Alan these wellies have nice pattern on them.

Look there a place to sit here.

We reach a gate at the edge of the forest.

Luckily  the snow has been removed to make it usable.

oh it looks miles.

Sure does and we had better get moving.

Exposed the wind cuts across the land with a chill of the mountains. How refreshing wonderful.

As we enjoy the wind we enjoy the view.

And in the distance you can see Jodrall Bank

Cab see it well I’ll zoom in for you.

No summit in sight yet.

Do you think Nack will make it?

Good news Nack

There’s the summit.

I bet you feel relieved now you can see it.

We stop for a movement and enjoy the beautiful countryside views.

And here’s NAck relying on his Motorola Razr I instead of his camera.

Is it actually taking pictures he ponders?


We can do it as a team no problems. Hands up if your cold?

I think the path is obvious myself.

All I can say it gets colder and winder still.

A bit like being on the very top of an Alpe on a windy day, Nothing more refreshing.

These wellies are wonderful Alan.

Doesn’t look so bad close up.

This is it then, it gets steep from here on in.

I’m not sure whats going on here, is Zoe crouching to get out of the wind.

So excited about getting to the top Nack is no eager to push on.

I dunno what's up with him.

I think we need to put him on a lead.

Up and


Wow look where we have come from.

One step after another

Come on come on.

Calm down Nack.

Zoe makes her way carefully.

And then the stones go leaving way for a snowy path.

Nearly there

Have we really come from over there?

This is it, this is what you wanted to come and see.

Oddly at the top there is no wind, no cold, all is calm and peaceful.


Erm looks like we aren't the first people to have been here.

Nack, can you telephone do……


We look this way

and that

And then get our photo take together at the summit. Beautiful.

Yep I deserve a sit down.

He does realise he’s got a long walk down in front of him doesn’t he?

The crowds appear.

Zoe wraps up and

its time to leave.

wow is all I can say.

The sun try's to burst through the clouds.

We make our way down the step steeps

Slowly does it.

Hoping from one to another.

Back across the gloriously chilly wind swept field.

Nack leads the pack again.

Yep the path looks like it goers on for miles,

wow look at that.

Zoe reads a sign, erm nasty.

Nearly back to the forest.

Nack I know you love walking really.

Back across the snow

stopping occasionally to re-admiring the view.

Back through the gate.

Hold on back this way, where are you going?

Erm they’ve trickled me into a longer walk still!

And I wonder off following the snowy path to where???

We must have upset him.

Ah a chair but if I stop now I’ll never get going again.

The path winds on through the tranquil sound of the trees rustling next to me.

Ya snow snow snow

Watch them

tress as they come crashing down around us.

Erm the wind must have been string up here.

Need some wood?

Alan's wellies have become very uncomfortable well one has on my ankle.

Alan walks the snowy part of the path

to show me where the nearest pub is. Yeah I can’t see it either!


Right thats it its got to come off I’m in agony – absolute agony.

Did you see the steam come out of the wellie we he got it off. I’m not going near them again, no way.

I get it back on a struggle on. Its painfull though.

Somehow the pleasure has gone from the walk.

But you have to make the most of it and you normally don't get to see the snow.

And luckily for me the end isn’t in sight.

Alan what are we going to do with him? Well Zoe the best option is to ignore his whimpering.

Some time later Nack is still whimpering.

I can’t hear him can you Zoe? Nope I can’t hear him either….

I being to think bare footed would be better.

Mind when I stop and take a photo I’m OK.

Well it makes no odds I’ve got to keep going,

At last a change of direction towards the base.

Its much easier on the road lads.

But so much more romantic in the snow.

We wonder on a bit slower now though.

And in a way its nice anyway, pain or no pain.

Another change of direction.

But it doesn’t look right. Out come the map.

And like I say Alan and Zoe are always prepared. They let me sit down. Get some tea out..

Rest my ankle

and enjoy a sandwich considering how tasty there kitchen floor tastes,

I get off my bum and start to walk and whimper again.

Back into the forest

antoher path that leads on and on

across the road

and into the cold section of the forest.

Like a kid I like the snow bit.

Fro a while the path follows the road.

Then winds back in the forest for a while

Lovely snowy path

I’m slowing down again

The trees rustling.

Nack whimpering

Not far now

I can see the end in sight

and back near the road- reassuring.

The wonders of the world

Back at the main car park, thankgod not far now.

Back at the reservoir

A lovely lovely afternoons walk.

But you just wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to get those wellies off.

Then Zoe took us a great way home back to Stockport, but that's another story that involved a lot of reversing!

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