Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Finshing line

Sunday and my mate was going to run the marathon, so I got up and started watching it. For some reason they didn’t seem to zoom in on him?

I was keeping an eye on him on the web.

How ever it was nice and I had things to do. So I set my laptop up and got the keys to my brothers MX5 and set about serving it.

I forgot about that red engine top I’d done for him.

Out with the oil, plugs, oil filter and air filter. A quick check over the car as a whole.

And it was finished.

And so had Matthew Poade with a time of 3hr 41minutes and 14 seconds. Not bad at all and he told me he wanted to do it in 3 hours 40mins. Bang on. And so I had to get my wallet out and my calculator, that will be £3 X 26miles / 3.41 time.

Once I’d done that I cleaned my cars and decided to sort out why my nortilous air horn was pants on my skoda. Some thick wires and relay later

its now getting enough current to make some loud noise…..

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