Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The ultimate MX5 accessory

Just when you think I’ve got every accessory for my Mx5 - There I was having a nice chat with a college at work about bikes and places to go, when we got round to bike racks and how i had bided on so many tow bar racks but never got one at a reasonable price. Well whilst sitting at that desk I got ebay up, laughed at the prices and then changed the settings to nearest first. What popped up was one in Cheslyn Hay, just up the road from where I live. And at the bottom they had written a note “I’ve been asked what price will I end the auction for, that be £100”. I thought for a moment and then even if I paid less there would still be fuel or carriage on top. I emailed the chap and arranged to collect it at 9pm. As you can see I got it. After all this having got the rare tow bar I finally got the bike rack I  wanted, a 3 bike thule. I put it on and prayed the lights would work.

As can see it certainly adds some length to the MX5. Just got to find somewhere to go now!


  1. Will Zoë fit in the boot?

  2. Something I personally Wouldn't Have Even Considered....



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