Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too nice

With the weather so nice it was too good to be in the swimming pool at the gym so I went home and got my bike out.

The cool fresh air was wonderful to exercise to.

Eventually I made it where I get off the road

And headed onto the canal

Tonight there wasn’t a soul down here.

So peaceful and tranquil.

Well that was until a muddy section, Much worse than the time before and I could not ride through it. I did try and I just sank and got stuck.

back on the road and near the highest point, I realise I haven't even stopped for a drink on this 14 mile journey.

Back at home I did something odd. I washed my bike, infact I washed it with alloy wheel cleaner.

The last time I saw it this clean was when I took it out of the box some 11 years ago.

Now I’ve just got to sort my trainers out.

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