Thursday, April 04, 2013

Why oh why do I do it

There’s always something on ebay some doesn’t want and I do? Well here it is a 5 super Audio CD changer to replace my ancient JVC unit. What can this unit do? It can play Super Audio CD’s thats what otherwise know as SACD. Now I thought theey where still making them , and I know that the Depeche Mode albums came out in SACD, but no this format is dead and is only loved by audiophiles. So there aren’t any cheap used discs on Ebay. Nope if you want a SACD of say violator you’d better get £181 quid out for it! Yeah that s what I thought.

Next was to fit it on my amp. Oh no can you believe it. I don’t have a port for SACD, so to get the improved sound I’ve got to use the DVD port, alase which is being used for the PS3. So back on ebay to get a optical cable splitter. As I haven't got any SACD I don’t know why I bothering Winking smile

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