Friday, May 31, 2013

Fryda nite

I get home the sun is shining so I should really do my brothers car as it need to be retested by Wednesday. I have my nice tea and then

outside I go. I sort the brake mechanism out and then look at the bubbling on his rear sill again. Man this is bad from last year and so grid off the paint.

Time for an impressive bodge now as there’ll be no real stopping this without cutting it out. I zinc paint it up liberally.

Some poly filler and a lick of top coat.

and that will do.

Then take the car for a spin and try out the rear brakes. Yep there working.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The hangover

I go to the gym and put my contact lenses in that I have left. The left one is obviously not right, I wait but no it doesn’t adjust. Erm bummer. Anyway I put up with it and ponder the fact I’m going to have to deal with it and call the opticians I can’t wait. So after a swim I decide to see the Hangover Part 3. Well it can’t be worse than part 2, not that it was bad actually just the same as 1 in a different location. So was 3 any good. Well it was funny, it wasn’t great and better still they made it into a love story which brings the series back to the beginning and here we go again. Yeah I was happy to have seen it.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

75 years of Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Wolverhampton's Jewel of a building is 75 yay. And straight from the express and star web site the blurrrr

The Who at Wolverhampton Civic Hall 

For 75 years it has played host to the biggest names in the entertainment world.

The Who played at the Civic Hall in 1969. John Entwistle’s bass opening of Pinball Wizard made the whole venue shake

Pioneers of rock n roll, legends of the stage, comedy greats, music gods – the list of acts to have appeared at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall reads like a who’s who of British and international superstars from the best part of a century of live entertainment.

From Britpop to hip hop, soul to heavy metal and dance to jazz, the Civic has seen them all.

Pioneers of musical genres through eight decades – Bob Marley, Nat King Cole, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Diana Dors, Elton John, Oasis, Chuck Berry, Nirvana, The Who, Radiohead, Lulu.

The names trip off the tongue like a list of acts from Madison Square Garden.

But the Civic, in little old Wolverhampton, has attracted the very cream of the crop despite it having a capacity of just 3,000.

It is all a far cry from the inauspicious surroundings when the Civic was born, 75 years ago.

This year the likes of Stereophonics, Status Quo and Kaiser Chiefs have blasted people’s eardrums and had audiences jumping and sweating like there was no tomorrow, but back then civic speeches and hymns greeted the Civic’s grand opening.

In 1951 the Civic launched rock n roll and became one of the first venues in Europe to do so.

International stars came and went and local bands had their day too, with a special night for local acts every Monday night. Future music legends appeared there before they hit the big time, with Elton John playing a solo show to a half-empty audience in the 1970s.

During the gig he gave one of the first ever airings of Candle in the Wind, which two decades later would become the biggest-selling single since records began. Just a week after the solo gig Elton returned with his band – to a sell-out show.

The hall never quite heard a noise like when local favourites Slade were in town, though.

The band started off at the Civic playing the Beatties staff dance and appeared alongside Glenn Miller-style big bands.

But as their reputation grew and the band become one of the must-see bands on the 70s they progressed to full capacity shows headlining their own bill.

As guitarist Dave Hill said, the shows were ‘chaos’ with the Noddy Holder-fronted band who enjoyed a unique and special relationship with the delirious and frenzied Civic crowd.

Slade topped the charts six times in three years in the early 70s and had 12 top 10 singles in a row, and those Civic dates were always a homecoming to remember.

In 1988 Morrissey – having recently split with The Smiths – chose the venue for his first ever solo gig.

Reports are varied but it is estimated that 20,000 fans turned up to try and get in, with admission supposedly free to anyone wearing a Smiths t-shirt.

The rabid audience virtually pulled him and his PA off the stage and he threw his clothes into the crowd, who tore them to tiny little stitches.

Set-lists and mementos from the gig are now priceless artefacts for staunch fans and are just a big a part of the iconic singer’s history as the Civic’s.

The Pogues had the stage literally shaking when they played at the Civic – the stage extension moved to the left and right as the crowd jumped, with security guards having to jump over the stage legs.

Nirvana are one of the most iconic bands of all time but amazingly they played at the Wulfrun in 1991 – one of their last ever shows in the UK.

Seats were laid out in the audience but when the opening strains of Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam blasted through the speakers the audience certainly we’re sitting anymore.

Britpop exploded onto the scene in the 1990s and Oasis and Blur went head to head in the charts and both played at the Civic in 1994.

Both were sell-out shows and have gone down in folklore.

Oasis actually played in the Wulfrun that night and did so with a beefed-up security team by the side of the stage as Noel Gallagher had been attacked during a gig in Newcastle the night before.

In the hours before the gig he was cheerful enough though, answering the phone in the production office and telling callers it was a Chinese takeaway.

Blur loved the Civic so much they have returned five times since despite being able to sell out places 10 times as big.

In 2000 the venue hit the headlines when Slipknot’s Sid Wilson clambered onto the 20ft high balcony and stage-dived into the crowd, breaking a woman’s leg.

The audience clambered towards the scene but not to help – to mob the band member.

And as it celebrates its 75th anniversary the big names keep on coming, with Gary Barlow kicking off this year’s celebrations with a memorable winter performance.

The big names may come and go but the Civic has stayed the course throughout eight decades.

It has been and will continue to be an infectious, soulful, rocking venue, where bands and artists want to play and where crowds want to go.

Here’s to another 75 years.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Wet like a fish

I wake up and say to my brother, can you here that? What? The pitter patter?

Oh no its wet out there, really wet.

Even the chicken wants to come in! I go for a shower and come back wet!

I put the kettle on and look outside. Erm not nice.

I make a cup of tea ad then remember that black pudding I had brought.

Now this is going to be a nice breakfast.

It doesn’t look like the weatehr is going to pick up..

Oh you do want to come in do you.

This says it all. You need sound mind.

I finish off the post cards I have, lick a stamp and then.

Well brother it looks like we are oging to get wet putting the tent down and packing the car. 1 – 2 – 3 …….

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely wet wet wet, like a fish.

We say goodbye to BaysBrown Farms

And head off down the dirt track

Good bye Wainwirght Inn

Goodbye Ambleside Waterside – you don’t look so inviting today.

Ah now that what we need a boat.

Some time latter back at Stafford the adventure ends.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The walk of life

To see the lovely photos click the image above.

I wake up, get changed and put the kettle on and have some breakfast, muesli.

Off to the facilities for a wash and shower.

Now the walk we are going on is Map 06 and our campsite O7. So I try to read the map and put it on my head where to go. Then I only need one map.

We tidy up and I have convinced my brother we will walk to where the walk starts as its such a nice day for it.

Which is now going to sound a bit odd, as when we reach the bottom of the camp site I turn to him and suggest that at 1000m we might need our jackets afterall. We look at each other and decide this is a good thing. We turn around and go back to the tent and get our jackets.

By this time I’ve also forgotten where the path starts. Anyway we got down the track over te hump back bridge.

and out onto the road and turn left. Well its not here but this is the right direction.

It pretty obvious that in fact we shouldn’t be by the road but way over there somewhere in the green stuff. We go through a gate to start wandering over the fields in the general direction noting that we will at some point need to recross the river.

We wander through some boulders along what looks like a path.

Hold on we come to a sign. These are no normal boulders oh no these are the Langdale Boulders we have stumbled on.

Well in that case if their of that much importance we’d better get a photo next to them.

We leave them behind making our way across the green lush fields full of sheep.

Well where we are going looks a long long way away. And we haven't even got to that path yet.

Ah someone is descending the easy way.

Rob I’m sure we’ll be alright if we go this way. Just think of a way to cross the river.

Ah a better track to follow.

And through a gate

which luckily leads over the river by a bridge.

We are at last on the right track and it looks like we have nearly done a full circle to near the campsite.

We wander off in the right direction.

enjoying the countryside and warmth.

We catch some others up, which means we are at least going in the right direction.

ah hills in the distance.

and some way off yet.

Through a farm

and across that river again.

and into a car park.

So this is Stickle Ghyll and here we use the toilets.

Well I was told to walk to the back of the building and find a wall to follow.

So we walked to the back of the building and carried on going.

and going


and going

and going up.

and you know what.

We found a wall.

although this wall wasn’t the right wall and this became obvious to us when you looked down and could see another wall that headed west into the distance now below us.

So all that climb up I made my brother do meant we had to climb down!

And now following the right path along the right wall.

Which leads to another path which follows another wall.

And this path goes on and on.

Like i said on and on.

although the occasional sheep make for a nice change

This path does go on for a while and my brother realises that we are going to have nothing left to talk about soon.

I can’t wait to climb something soon but we’re not going up there.

Come on will you I shout to him.

No doubt he is excited about getting to the end of this path as I am.

Well here we are the end of that path.

and we come to a choice of paths. We want the one going left.

We go over the little foot bridge.

ad now the climb starts.


Looking back at the view.

Good golly its steep, can we rest for a while.

The only way is up

up and guess what's coming …..up

Yes more up

And I can confirm that it is steep.

And it takes it out of me too.

Looking back once more we have come from over there.

My brother slowly catches up

I think we’re nearly at the top.


I rest again myself.

and then get those legs moving once more.

I know he’s enjoying it really.

That must be the top.

Come on not far now brother.

Hold on it gets steeper here.

How much more of this is there?

erm Not much..

Look a cairn

Why here though?

Never the less a picture opportunity

Bum to your pictures I want to sit down.

No sitting allowed until we are at the tarn – and then we will have dinner.

Lets move it, move it

It just never ending upwards

Sure is, look where we have come from.

I don’t want to look. How do you keep going?

Well you know what's over this hill

That Angle Tarn.

And so we make our way down to the tarn.

across the stepping stones

I look for a nice place to sit down.

And this will do.

Are you sure its wet here.

Its wet everywhere.

Looks like we are not the only ones having dinner here.

The travel everywhere bag comes out.

Dah Dar dinner will be served soon.

Good because I’m starving.

Me to. There is change in temperature and we put our extra cloths on and jackets.

The clouds tumble over the peaks.

And I decide to change the plan. I think instead of heading into the clouds well head away and do a big circle, so no more up hills. We’ve come 600 odd meters up you know.

Yep you can’t miss me in my red jacket.

and off we go.

Off course I know where we are going.

Well as long as you do.

Well we not going that way.

Are you sure about this?

Look blue skies this way, onwards.

And we head off east.

I look back at where we had planned to go, yep this is a better idea.

This isn’t a path.

believe me it is on this map.

what kind of path are we following exactly?

A path path.

so where has this path gone then?

I don’t know but those mountain bikers are following us.

If we just keep going this way

we will eventually get to the Cumbria Way

The paths here somewhere

Hold it look at this view.

Mind blowing

I’d rather find the path personally.

Look the sun is there and east is there. We are fine. Look I’m a sun dial!

Ah the edge of hill and we can see once more where we originally came from down the valley.

Right here's a path

I told you to relax.

Where you going now?

As it says on the map…

a pile of stones!

I can’t believe he has brought me all this way to see a pile of stones - huh

Yikes the clouds are coming.

LEt get down this path to the bottom of the valley again.

oh tadpoles and lots of them.

now thats lost.

Down down down.

and more tadpoles in the water.

There must be loads of frogs here at some point in the year.

The paths going the right way.

The sooner we are down the better.

Don’t go so quickly you forget to take in the view.

Home is that way, far far far away, but luckily in this galaxy.

I can’t go no further.

Well blow me!

Wait until he gets to the flat bit!

long foot in front of the other that's all I’ve got to do.

You’ll be please to know I’ve definitely got a big blister.

Right back at the junction.

Time for a snack.

Erm interesting reading.

Back at the footbridge

and onto the level land.

All we got to do is walk walk walk.

is do the walk of life.

Well their slowly getting away from us and we have very little water left.

Back tot he wall a good sign.

And down the path

I’m glad we drank all that water in one way as it was sodding heavy.

ah the sheep

that it then nearly there.

Nearly where?

The pub.

This way

yep across this field.

and this one

and another

ah thank god.

Back at Stickle

Well there still a fair way to go to the camp site.

I think a couple of pints and some dinner, otherwise I might die here too.

This was a good idea actually.

I know and it means I can do some post card writing whilst we wait the hour they said it was going to take to prepare and cook

burger and chips

and steak and ale pie. Ah so so so nice.

Well we’d better get on with the final bit.

Well at least it will be shorter than getting here.

I guess so but its not going to feel it.

somewhere around the corner….

is a view of a


Not far now surely.

ah more sheep

Guess what I can see?

Ah BaysBrown farm and campsite

Not there yet though

You see we should have gone left not right when we set out form the campsite.

Back thankgod.

Ah how cute.

and finally we are back.

Well you go for a shower I’m getting straight in bed. Aren't the new Dutch neighbours going to keep you awake with all that noise. I doubt it and I’m putting my ski jacket over my legs tonight.

And with that I was asleep 17 miles and a lot of hours latter, Scare fell Pike had not been conquered.

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 26/05/2013 11:30 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 21.40 km (13.3 mi) Total time: 8:23:12 Moving time: 8:09:29 Average speed: 2.55 km/h (1.6 mi/h) Average moving speed: 2.62 km/h (1.6 mi/h) Max speed: 10.00 km/h (6.2 mi/h) Average pace: 23.52 min/km (37.8 min/mi) Average moving pace: 22.88 min/km (36.8 min/mi) Fastest pace: 6.00 min/km (9.7 min/mile) Max elevation: 668 m (2191 ft) Min elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Elevation gain: 1153 m (3781 ft) Max grade: 165 % Min grade: -151 % Recorded: 26/05/2013 11:30


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