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A Wonderful Day For A Wonderful Walk

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Eventually we got up, well I was told to. We were meant to be going out.

Down stairs was some old man, Know idea who he was or if he was meant to be there. Apparently though it was Alan’s dad. Nice to meet you.

Once loaded we were off.

I’d got my new walking boots on and was eager to try them out.

However the traffic had another mind. It was slow. In fact the whole of Manchester was going to Lyme Park! Zoe even got out went shopping and caught the car back up! Great for George’s first weekend driving.

At last we got to Lyme Park, and can now join the queue to get in the park itself.

Oh what's this

Well we have a map too.

We are meant to be meeting the rest of the family here for a pic nic. But we have ended up some 2 hours late!

We park up

and I make a dash for the toilet! Well I’d been holding it in. Usual queue for the girls but luckily none for the boys.

We get the bags and then

head up the hill

It is such a pleasant day though.

Come on they are somewhere up here near the cage.

ah there is the cage and on the way we meet the rest of the family leaving!

One the rest of the family has left we carry on to the cage. Zoe stops for a second to admire

the kites that are flying.

Come on Nack I’m going to feed you.

I ponder what George is taking a photo of.

oh that.

We reach the cage and Alan takes his dad inside. I have the big pic nic pack and the lady doesn’t seem to want me to go upstairs with it. She says she'll look after it but as its not mine I decide I should just stay downstairs with it. I tell her I have been up before.

When they come down they look for back over Stockport and Manchester

The views here are wonderful with the blue skies all around.

We place our bums down on the soft lush green grass.

Yes this is the relaxing life we all lust for


Out comes the dinner

Yummy yum yum, and home made potato salad and a wickedly spicy guacamole, I couldn’t get enough off, that was innocent at first but left a tantalising ticking feeling in your mouth afterwards. Very moreish.

The view back over Stockport and Manchester was truly amazing.

Even this dog thought so.

What a wonderful coat he has.

Dear feet I hope your going to be okay

Alan’s dad enjoys his dinner as much as me.

I could not get enough, especaily of the green stuff.

Alan cleaned up and nudged us all up onto our feet.

And so we started our walk back to the car to remove our bags and for Alan's dad to set off back home.

There was plenty of people enjoying an easy afternoon

The kites were still being flied

The walk back down was nice and steady

Zoe says to Alan “Can we wear Nack out now with a really long walk? You know he loves it”

We say goodbye to Alan’s dad and head back to our own car parked else where.

From there Zoƫ wishes to use the facilities so we walk to the lake where they are.

I take a picutre of this car, no one asks why but here I’ll tell you. It has a Swiss car tax disc on for each year since 2008. They obviously like Switzerland.

so here we go the walk.

Alan is just too dam excited about it.

The first bit is easy tarmac. I say to George you have to watch these pair sometimes they go at a pace, they need leads, and on que they start jogging off. “see”.

No they didn’t jog to the top of the hill. I just thought it looked nice.

We keep walking in the sun.

We are going that way, into the distance?

Oh typical its uphill.

A long way up hill

In fact its another one of those never ending hills.

Not too steep though

And the scenery is pleasant enough.

With gorgeous views.

For a while it flattens out.

And we find a seat.

Zoe gets out the Ginger beer and it reminds me of the famous five, only there's one of us missing.

Into the woods we go

and at the end is Alans scary house


That has no door to get into it. Scary or what.


Well Alan what is that?

The view down is nice though.

And so we set off again.

Following a wall.

for a long time

Then up some steps

And that wall well we’ve got to go over it now!

Yes this is a lovely walk one thinks

While the rest go over the wall. Alan has other ideas

Is he small enough to fit through the hole?

He breaths in

Well the first part of his bodies in.

Then does something magical considering how thin the wall is. He disappears.

Then his head appears

Nice one Alan.

What do you mean your stuck. Breath in more.

Ah he’s through.

Into the woods we head.

Its nice and cool in here and Alan gets out some water mellon to eat each.

I find another hole. Much smaller and have a look through.

Through the gate there is more wilderness.

There is some confusion on the way to go and the sign post here is not much help!

So we head upwards!

I should have known.

Another long long walk upwards.

At least the scenery is worth it.

Looking back the view is as always worth it.

Oddly Alan and Zoe are lagging behind.

George is keen to see what is over the ridge.

I wait for Alan and Zoe and Zoe points out the cage where we were eating dinner earlier.

See there it is.

Zoe points it out.

Alan and Zoe walk off hand in hand.

To the right Zoe points out another land mark. The Cheshire Matterhorn where we had walked up at Easter.

Over another wall

and carry on walking upwards.

Past a tree. An important tree but I’m not going to tell you why.

We meet a road and Zoe tells me we are here. Here that is to the standing stones she has brought us to see.

Zoe says to George “Do you think Nack will be impressed by these?”

Well I’ve seen bigger. I was expecting a Stone Hendge or something.

I ask a passer by to take our photo together.

We check out the views and then

head back on ourselves for a short distance.

Through a gate

And onwards and upwards of course.

following yet another wall until

we get to the panicle point.

From here the tip of the top you can see for miles

And once more in the distance is the cage.

Absorbing the views

Isn’t it just wonderful.

George and Zoe head off.

Come on guys

Alan follows whilst I lag behind and enjoy the scenery for a while longer.

see my point.

Its like a sea of grass.

They’re way in front.

Over the wall

and into the woods once more.

Here we are sheltered from the sun.

And we are no longer following a path.

They tell me they know where they're going and then head through the undergrowth!

And over a bog. Want to get my nice clean boots dirty do you?

Ah the Lantern

Looks like Zoe got there first

and is now posing

Well it looks well built is anyone home?

Only Zoe

And there are tow people guarding the entrance.

Zoe comes out to join them for a pose, but what's that

erm the cheeky girl.

I get to pose in the sun.

Inside it is cool and what we all need is

some liquid refreshment.

George looks around and thinks I could do something with this it has potential.

Alan though has other ideas

The view from here is downswards

and that's the way we go

Down down down

and across the soft grass

onto a path

through a gate

Slowly meandering, as that's what I do.

A walk so pleasant a walk so nice.

Come on Nack what's the hold up.

I’m enjoying the views Alan.

And we return to the car park.

Trhogh the gate and we are back.

We take a look at the sign post of where we have been.

Zoe asks Alan “Do you think he’ll sleep tonight then?”

Then it was back in the car to queue to get out of Lyme Park

Eventually we existed and the journey home was much swifter

We did stop though at the allotment to water the plants and admire Zoe and Nack handy work.

The walking boots had past their first walk and it was like walking in duvets

Back at Alan and Zoe’s we sit down relax and watch Doctor Who before thet make a lovely tea.

Eventually though I have to go home, I pack my bags as best I can as I can’t get it all in, Alan gives me my souvenir Stockport Sausage Fest beer glass and we say goodbye. The night is so nice I drive home with all the windows open it is a nice way to end a lovely weekend.

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: Lyme Park Walk Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 8.17 km (5.1 mi) Total time: 2:07:46 Moving time: 2:03:23 Average speed: 3.84 km/h (2.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 3.97 km/h (2.5 mi/h) Max speed: 20.00 km/h (12.4 mi/h) Average pace: 15.64 min/km (25.2 min/mi) Average moving pace: 15.11 min/km (24.3 min/mi) Fastest pace: 3.00 min/km (4.8 min/mile) Max elevation: 448 m (1469 ft) Min elevation: 273 m (895 ft) Elevation gain: 377 m (1235 ft) Max grade: 1 % Min grade: 1 % Recorded: 06/05/2013 16:14

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