Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting the Essentials

Friday night I drive home from work, open the bonnet of moneypit and put the plugs in. I fire her up and yay she is alight with no missfire. I get in and head off to get my brother for we are about to get some essentials from Decathlon to get us through this nasty weather. I get my loyalty card from the service department which I’ve been meaning to get for ages, after all I have spent a zillon ponds here over the last six months anyway.

number one what we came for a very sturdy lock to use for the bikes and when not around the car for the bike rack, after all the bike rack cost more than the maintenance free Chinese bike!

And one was not going to do was it!

So I get one of these hiking jackets

And some trousers that become shorts , that will additional dry quicker if they get wet – one hopes!

Some shorts in case its not that bad anyway – there not actually red by the way.

A fleece to keep me warm in the evenings.

And some comfortable to sleep on, well more comfortable than the bare floor.

A top to le me sweat. Some gas to get cooking with. Then I take my brother home, get the bike rack out and fit it on the car, have my tea, get my tent out, get my camping gear out, pack my bag and think boy I ready for bed, now what time did I say I was getting up….5:30am did I really????

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