Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Perfect night for a ride

I look outside the office window and I try to decide weather or not to go on my bike or weather to go down the road to the Gym. I opt for the gym believe it or not from the photo. I park up open the boot and then think to myself. Have I put my trainers in my bag I don’t remember doing so. I have a quick look and thats that, back  in the car and up the M6. Back at home I get my bike out.

Vroom Vroom along the way I go.

To night though I was in for a treat. The blossoms on the trees were out and they looked pretty.

The air was cool and refreshing and I was peddling away merrily.

Down the canal it was emptiness.

The sun was setting and view was real nice.

When I did reach Brewood I stumbled on my Uncle Eric, whom neither lives around here or appears often. We got talking for a bit.

Of course the last struggle up hill before the down part to home. How good this night has been.

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