Saturday, May 04, 2013

Purveyor of the land

Next morning I awake and the air outside is refreshing, to the head anyway.

I get to meet Sir Slugsalot whom from the size of him I must have meet last night

We go off shopping down the road. I get two more books to put on the “books to read” pile, James May’s May on Motors ad Billy Connolly’s Route 66. On the way back we nip into The Funky Monkey Coffee shop for a taste bonanza triochiocolatea – or something of that name natural. Wow whizzaa go the taste buds, sensational.

Back at ALan’s and Zoe’s I leave a bag in their front room before

Grabbing Sir Slugsalot for a walk up to Zoe Allotment.

It would appear that a scarecrow being walked up the street is a novelty factor for some people. Luckily most of the comments were nice ones.

A bit of drain tube and some bang on top with a spade and the tube is deep in the soil. We slid Sir Slugalotts spinal column imposition and

there he stands purveyor of the land.

After this bit of exertion Alan pulls a chair out and sits down.

Mean while I look at the patch of soil Sir Sulgalot has been places in and consider that the soil may need a very good turn over. Occassionaly I hear Zoe say to Alan “do you want a task”

About an hour and a half later Alan gets out of his seat and decides his task will be to go down the shop and get some drinks. What do you want Nack – erm a Ginger beer please.

Alan comes back with the drinks and some nibbles. I try a seat out. Yep I can see why he likes it. I admire Zoe’s carrot bath and consider that white leather trainers really aren't suitable allotment footwear.

Sometime later Nack finishes the plot. I’ve not just turned the top bit of soil over, Nope its all been turn over to about 6 inches or slightly more.

Alan shouts hurray.

I admire the digging, afterall I’ve got a sweat on.

And Alan declares it time he takes Nack to the pub.

I say goodbye to Mr Slugsalot and we leave Zoe still working away. We pass the shops and I nip in for another Ginger beer.

We replace the tranquillity and nature of Zoƫ's allotment for the tranquillity of the Blossoms green and exuberant beer garden.

Someone has obviously been tight rope waling at some point here.

I settle down for a real Ginger beer and

Alan get Monty Pythons Flux out – and with this he has the advantage that he seems to know all the tunes and comedy phrases. To be honest I don’t actually know if he does, but I don’t so he could just be making them up. But never the less it adds to the atmosphere as he he does them really well. I just talk in an all excepted continental accent.

The sun goes down and it gets chilly so we head indoors

I like flux a lot, I miss Dorothy and though to be honest.

Alan asks the bar man if he minds us having a curry from across the road. Not a problem. He disappears. The barman brings us some plates and cutlery, a nice thought, whilst I put my feet up. Ah Zoe appears.

Alan returns and drops the curry's on the floor – ah quick, a cloth, a cloth.

Zoe brings out a new game, Cthulhu Gloom. A quick learning curve here and I’ve got to make storys up at the same time, as well as listen to their stories.

I’ll be honest I was try to think of my stories so Zoe’s stories went a stray as I was linking my characters into Alan's, whom my go was directly after.

The idea of the game being that you are meant to get the most negative points byu killing off your family when they have acuminate negative points, or killing off someone else character when they haven't got many points.

I was just getting the hang of things when Zoe killed off Alan's last character. Oddly leaving Alan winning.

With that Alan declared he’d had a hard day and that it was time to head home to bed.

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