Thursday, May 02, 2013


So these are the Reelight SL150 steady light which I got from decathalon.

Lights for when you can’t be arsed with lights, or lets say you forget them. It should be noted as stated on the box these do not replace proper lights. However they are always on so you never need to remember them.

So I get them out of the box. Read the instructions, look at the brackets and then think? Something's not right here. It says on the instructions they should be positioned on the driving side of the bike. Which in Britain is on the chain side! Which is when you note this are not made / designed in Britain. So with brackets that actually only nearly fit one side it is time to do some jiggery pokery.

A bit of bending here and there and swapping the front and rear brackets over we are nearly there – although the rear light is actually on the wrong side.

The magnet that is positioned on the spokes of the wheel needs to pass the light within 3mm! Good god! Well a bit more bending and there you have it!

Same situation with the front although I got this to fit on the correct side of the bike

All done a couple of pushes and I got to say, they’re bloomin pointless in my opinion. Good idea but not that well implemented. If I did buy any more it would be the flashing ones.

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