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Show Us Your Cheeks

I was going to call it Sausage Fest – but show us your cheeks is probably more appropriate, read on to find out why…..

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I get up in the morning and sit at the bottom of the garden in the mild warmth and sweat smell of some crusty bread and a kipper.

Whilst I relax its nice to see the two of them doing something useful and now the air smells of freshly cut grass.

Its not long though until Zoe getrs me back down that allotment and working hard myself again. We get on with giving the shed a couple of coats of protectant.

Sir Slugsalott is still standing. Now all that soil I dug up yesterday, Would you believe it Zoe made me dig it up yet again, well some of it to, to plant some potatoes.

We put up the table that Matt had given Zoe and cleaned up the back area finding many toads hiding under the bricks.

Out of the blue appeared George, Simon, Mark & Richard. This looks time for the hard work to end.

We head back to the house, enjoy some in the garden time together and then get cleaned up to go out.

Off we walk and about half way everyone one wants to stop at the Chinese top get some tea. Nack aren't you having anything? No I’m saving myself for the Sausage festival. I’m looking forward to some sausage.

They all come out with lots of food, argghhh it not that I’m not hungry I  just want some sausage and maybe a beer to help wash the buns down with.

Oh nO they haven't opened yet! How will my stomach cope?

We hang around for a while and Steph and Keith turn up too.

Ah ah there is life.

Out comes the ticket

We are in and settled at the front.

Off then to get festival glass and a beer and a banger

Everyone starts with a beer, I get Red Willow’s Wittless I.

Then the first band comes on

and theyve come all the way form Ulverston.

Wow I need a drum like that

As you can see I got that beer but now it is time for a banger too.

I also go and get some tokens

It would appear that my favourite beer were by the Wild Beer Company. I had a pint of Epic Saison. You’ll notice I’m going left to right.

On come the second band.

Alan though is struggling to cope with the fact that the “butcher” for the vegetarian sausages has failed to deliver today!

You may not recognise this girl.

But the one in the middle has been in lots of McDonalds adverts.

They a bit like the Corrs

Zoe gets really excited about the banger on the table

And then goes on to describe the flavours she is experiencing.

And I have a pint of the Wild Bewery Co Maddness IPA.

And on come the 3rd band.

Yay now this is music.

More bangers and beer please.

And here we have one.

Is it a hot and spicy one nack?

For some reason Zoe hadn’t finished he last one?

The songs went on and on.

and that wasn’t a bad thing. These two were great.

Or was it that Madness IPA playing tricks on me.

Some lovely guitar playing was going on.

I’m not sure what Alan is smiling at???? But he’s obviously thinking of doing something naughty later

Well they finish they're set and there is a large round of appluase and there is going to be a music break for a short time.

Off to get another banger then.

And another,

Yep one sauage one pint, I’m just about keeping up. This was a Buxton Jawgate

Then Nack comes back with another sausage loaded with mustard, well initially. Alan mops up the mess.

Oh my god this is a spicy one!

Simon however prefers his sausage with mayo, and lots of it.

Then another however I warn everyone they're nearly run out of sausage!

Back at the bar I find Zoe marking on the third Wild Beer is coming on! Oh goody goody. I’ll have one of those please then. This seems to cause some commotion in that no one knows which beer tape they're pipe it to. They all disappear under the tables trying to follow the pipes. I tell them I’m off to the toilet and leave my beer glass behind. I come back some while later, I got chatting to some on the way to the toilets to find the two bar people smiling at me. They found the pipe but the barrel had the wrong connector on it. I ramble on about advertising falsely and getting my hopes up and then I look up, the sign as gone. Your very quick. Well you could have just poured any beer into my glass you know, I would have never have been any wiser. I get a pint of something else and return back to the table merrily.

The Corrs come back on, which are alright but then

To the excitement of George

The two girls come back on, lots of applause and clapping they don’t know whats going on.

And when they try to finish the crowd want none of it, we want on encore we want more. It looks like they had never been asked before, do we just play them all again? Well they did one or two more before

It was time to leave.

Steph suggested after festival drinks in Bakers

We all followed – becasue we were all in need of a drink of course.

In the Bakers at the bar.

I have a point of god knows what because there's trouble with the strongbox – that was probably a good thing.

Alan looks inside his bottle and says if he drinks this he’s going to be naughty

arrrrrggghhhhh  I fall off my bar stool.

Music comes on – or may well have been playing in the background anyway.

Matt appears and we have a couple more pints.

And everyone is dancing, well not everyone.

George and Matt aren't. Zoe is asked to settle down a bit.

And then Alan does his trick show. I’m awake

Now I’m asleep.

Now I’m awake.

Now I’m alseep with my eyes open.

The bar eventually closes and we well have to leave!

And so we walk back up the hill Matt encouraging us all to go for an after mid night curry. I can’t believe its possible in Stockport you’ve tried this one on me before. Eventually we reach the townhall. I know I’ll get a great night photo of us all.

At first they just posed and then they got in a line and

Mooned. Now I would have obviously put the real photo on here but Alan had other plans, so this will have to do and you’ll have to use your imagination. To help I can tell you the flash caught the pink cheeks of the butts well against the darkened silhouette of the place. In fact they posed for long enough for there to be many attempts to get the perfect shot. Must look good on the security cameras.

And onto the next famous Stockport building. This time though their trousers stayed up!

Now Nack your not going to put those photos up on the net anywhere are you? We could fall out.

We walk onwards, the sinking feeling that their will not be a curry house

No curry house but we back at the palace

I get the museum piece out of the bag.

Sets the ambiance with the light

And MR Happy and

Mr Tickle can’t wait.

Zoe comes in with enough tea pots of tea and mugs, to allow the whole street to come in and have a cuppa. Zoe are we expecting more company?

Alan plugs the TV ariel cable in

Tries to tune the old thing in and

Zamba to celebrate the working of the museum piece Zoe brings out the Champers!

Hard to tell or to play, this is golf.

This is gun slinger

No here we have a game that we played and played and well played. Its muchkin,

The excitement on Georges face is overwhelming, but he wouldn’t put it down.

More and more muchkin, come on George we have loads of games to get through.

Next was labyrinth

Then another game very much like Pac Man but wasn’t

I can’t remember like breakout but wasn’t

George can’t take no more

Terrahawks was next

Then I decide I must go to bed, I must.

Erm Zoe’s potted the chilli plants and made two into three!

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