Thursday, May 09, 2013

Star Trekking across the universe

Tonight was the first night of the Star Trek Film showing and after swimming I checked the time table and a showing had just started. I went and got the obligatory nachos and 3 litres of Fanta. Hands as usual full and balancing all this lquid and corn feed, I went towards the auditorium, looked at the chap and said 11 J screen 30 mate, he looked at me up and down and said go on, ticket still in pocket. Obviously this would have never have worked if I hadn’t brought a ticket but that is life and they probably thought the fool has spent £8 on tukka he deserves to see a film. Inside I finally learn that screen 30 is the big screen, which I shared with 10 other people! Oh yeah the film – yeah I like it really good throughout and if you fancy seeing this one in £D I would guess it would be good as it is obviously filmed all the way throughout as a 3D movie. Would like to see it myself…

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