Friday, May 03, 2013

Stocking It Up

Friday I made the journey from Brum to Stockport, noting it was Bank holiday weekend I expected it to be bad and it wasn’t to bad. I got off the M6 at south Stoke and headed the A34 way up north. Once at Stockport a quick call to find out where people were and I ordered a cab. One came and I hopped in. Within seconds we had very nearly crashed. For the rest of the journey I got the background that he had many complaints at the Townhall and was also being fined. I got to The Magnet in Safety but couldn’t actually get out as he continued the story. In fact another person asked if they could get in. Not that his stopped him.

As I got to go out he said I’ll just give you a card, which I though was going to be a taxi card. But no he wanted to do my joinery. Now its tempting to call him and offer him a job down here! So in the Magnet and all happy faces were in there and the atmosphere was very bubbly.

It was time to head to the Crown and Alan, Rosie and myself headed out, once they’d prized me from one of Zoe co workers. We headed to the Crown and stopped just before it. Over the road was a pub. A pub me and Rosie hadn’t been in. Alan seemed a bit reluctant at first, but said ok a quick one in here. A musty smell and empty pub, well empty-ish and Alan said I bet your glad you came in here now!

So whats the pub called, the Pineapple and whats the pub famous for

plates from all around the world hung up on its walls, along with Princess Dianna and Charles of course. Rosie headed off home, probably the venue, and Alan and myself went to the Crown after a short period of time, well I had to study the plates. We stayed in the Crown in harmony until they came round and said you have time for one more before we close up if you want. So we did, after all Alan was enjoying some 7% Automation beer!

On the way home Alan took me to a pizza parlour in Edgeley where for some reason Alan couldn’t believe I order a whole large pizza to myself, as he wanted to share half on his with me, or that they couldn’t cook my original pizza but were quiet happy to put spicy bolognaise on it!

From here we went on an Alan and Zoe walk of the area, without Zoe. We went to the Stockport Lakes where we sat and eat some pizza in the moon light.

Eventually I knew we were nearly back as I could see the church spire. Not always a good land mark as I do remember trying to follow one of these in London once – not much help.

Back in the house reunited, we all feel asleep on the sofa, me happy with Mr Tickle.

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