Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Brakes

The EBC Ultimax brakes pads came yesterday only I was recovering all day from going out with Matt Poade the night before argghhh.

Today though it was sunny so I got the pads out the book to remind me how to do it.

I know I need to do them because that right rear wheel that keeps having a binding brake was screeching, so I checked it and the pad was down to nothing. So I drove home slowly.

Up with the jack and off with the wheel, look no pad left! But that was not the worrying thing.

Oh lordy – highly dangerous.

I’d like to say its worse than it looks, in fact it looks bad and I was hoping it wasn’t but it is. Well I’ve been dam lucky.

Not good at all obviously had got way too hot at some point recently.

So off with the calliper too, to see what is going on. Well the seal is gone so I guess the piston isn’t moving properly, or won’t be. Can’t finish this job, I now need two new disc and a calliper for this side.

Off with the other side to have a look what is going on there.

More like it

All seems okay. Well a new disc to go with the pads and it should be sweet on this side too.


And whilst I was here I looked at the rust situation, there is some it is and 18 year old car afterall. If you look it is there, so out with the wire brush on a drill and then a good paint.

and whilst I was there I thought I’d paint that exhaust box again! Now to get the wallet out for the money pit.

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