Friday, May 17, 2013

Twenty Two

Tonight I was off to see the Poades and then go out for a pint or two. Normally I get a lift into Birmingham Moor Street Station and then get a black cab from New Street station. I did consider whilst at work working out a bus to Harbourne. However this did not appear to be simple. Hey I down loaded a real useful app for my phone which gave me bus numbers and times to expect them but no mention of where the buses ran to. Luckily someone at work found the bus number for me number 22 is what you need and you can get it here or even down Broad Street. I walk to New Street Station from Moor Street and, as we all know they have finished phase one of the upgrade, which means the station entrances have all been moved. So the normal route was no longer normal, I did get tot he cash machine and I didn’t get to where the taxi’s usually pick you up. I decided to head into the centre to get some money. Then as it was a nice day I decided I’d walk to Broad Street to get a Cab thus missing sitting around in traffic. As I walked I considered how nice Brum actually was now, and for a Friday night it was peaceful too. As I walked along the top of Broad Street I noticed a number 22 bus and thought I’d try and catch it afterall. However it pulled away from the Bus stop before I got there. However turning round there was another bus pulling in number 24 – it also said Harborne on it and so decide to go for a ride anyway.

My bus ticket, £2.00 pounds well spent, a nice walk and an aright journey on the Hybride bus, unlike Manchester though it had no WiFi. But I did take the opportunity to check into every pub on the way down Broad Street.

From Harborne center it was a short walk to the Morepool Avenue.

I enjoyed the blossoms on the trees as I walked causally along the road.

Once a the Poades I got to play with Hatty and Izzy, I was shown where Maddy would like me to dig, and then Matt showed off his expensive bike to me.

We went out latter to my favourite of the pub in Harbourne the Plough.

Always busy and buzzing but I especially like the patio come beer garden area.

So we sit outside and enjoy the chillling air wiuth a couple of beers and

some chilli nuts I think, erm very moreish.

From there we go to the Green Man. Can’t so I’m overly keen on this place

and it worried me somewhat that the Pink Coconut Club was in town.

Me and Matt sit down in a corner and get all romantic.

We move on from the Green Man and go to the White Horse

Where the beer is good, and there is music on.

After a few pints Matt insists we have some rather potent cider each! Not the same cider either, I know this is going to be a bad idea – why do I agree with it??

My eyesight went to this….

And then we went off for a curry. Not the usual place but the one down the alley – the Bangla Lounge

Yummy yum yum, how many nans Nack? Well I love nan bread and the nan bread he was good, real good, especially the Chilli Nan bread.

And to wash it down I have a Martini Rosso. I don’t even have my usual Chicken Jalfrazi, nope I go for the Madras and wow is it nice.

The waiter brings me some orange segments to come my mouth with, we pay up

and head home – well eventually.

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