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The journey home


The journey home showing how wet it was!


I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: The Hause Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 275.15 km (171.0 mi) Total time: 3:38:06 Moving time: 3:35:59 Average speed: 75.69 km/h (47.0 mi/h) Average moving speed: 76.43 km/h (47.5 mi/h) Max speed: 128.00 km/h (79.5 mi/h) Average pace: 0.79 min/km (1.3 min/mi) Average moving pace: 0.78 min/km (1.3 min/mi) Fastest pace: 0.47 min/km (0.8 min/mile) Max elevation: 341 m (1119 ft) Min elevation: -2745 m (-9006 ft) Elevation gain: 1599 m (5247 ft) Max grade: 19 % Min grade: -37 % Recorded: 30/06/2013 17:41

The Ullswater Ride


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Wow I wake up and there is plenty of wind still. In fact the whole tent is shaking. I look at my watch and decide to venture out to the shower block.

Notably most people had left! Yep packed their tents up and gone already!

It being so windy there no way the gas stove was going to stay lit for a fryup so I urged my brother up as it was 9:15am

Whilst in the shower block I noticed that the pub did breakfast until 9:30am so off for a quick stroll.

Breakfast was ordered and

I begin trying to find somewhere to cycle because of the bad weather outside. I found a figure of eight course.

Breakfast comes and here you can’t see I had a healthy banana too.

We start to pack up, and being to take the tent down. As soon as the few guide lines are down the tent collapses in the wind! They looked they did nothing but now the kit is one big kite. Whilst taking the tent down a girl comes over and asks where everyone has gone, is the weather going to be like this all week? Hey I don’t know I’ve just come for a few nights and whatever the weather we are hanging around as we are going cycling for the day.

We drive all the way around Ullswater and parkup where it advises in the book at Martindale chapel.

The good thing about this is the first bit is down a very steep hill we had to drive up. This of course is a problem later on.

The first part is on tarmac along the side of the lake. A nice easy way to start the day and sheltered form the wind.

Then we come to a tri Athlon, coming towards us they are on their bike and going in the same direction they are running, that is whilst we are dodging in and out of them!

At the next junction we turn right along with the runner.

The road becomes steep. And oddly I’m overtaken by a runner. A shout well that dam embarrassing I’m obviously not putting enough effort into it. And he shouts back put more effort into it mate. So I do and overtake him and hear him say I should have kept my mouth shut shouldn’t have I.

From here the up hill doesn’t end but the tarmac does!"

And eventually it all gets too much

and me and my brother are also walking!

At the top though we are on our own.

God I hope the directions in the book are right.

Wow that was a nifty route across the fell.

From here it is downhill

We are directed to this bridelway.

Which isn’t used much by the looks of the overgrowth. But it turns out to be a wicked path to ride.

My brother catches me up. What is that noise you bike is always making?

To a bridge and over the river. There is a ford but unless you want to drown I wouldn’t recommend it.

I look up the direction we are doing ok.

Back on tarmac and things are easier again. Well for me.

Over the river again

and whats that you think you have a flat tyre?

We keep going for a while

Past the logging

To the junction on the mainish road.

Yep he has a flat alright. He gets the wheel off and then I laugh. Not at the flat tyre no, but at the fact that all that noise is coming from his front brakes. They are completely worn down and its metal on metal that you can hear as the pags scrap the wheel! So not only are his front gears STILL not working but his front brakes are completely shot to.

Mind he does appear efficient at mending punctures, must be all the practise he has.

Once and tyre is blown up we continue, only he now isn’t going to use his front brakes either!

A mile down the road and Askham comes to light. I think it is time for a stop.

and what better place to stop than the pub at about half way round. I order some grub and drinks up and

continue reading the direction as they get a bit confusing after this break. We started where my thumb is and are on the top right of the marked route now.

And here is a graph of the gradients. Erm that doesn’t look good what's coming up , er I mean going up.

Yeah dinner is served and we eat in the sun whilst admiring the black clouds closing in all around us.

We set off and whilst we were eating my brother could have brought his bike here, if only he’d seen the sign.

past the green

And the start of the climb,

a long climb

some of it on bike.

some of it off bike.

And the instructions well we were about to

get lost. We are around here it says turn here. Where turn where?

Near the wild horses?

I think you’ve done it this time, not only do we not know where we are its raining too and we are miles from the car.

We can see the lake so were not “lost” just misplaced.

Anyway it makes it more exciting.

Have you seen where this track goes in the distance?

At last we reach something I can find on the map.

The stone circle. Yay.

A bitr further on and there are some hey bails, but these arn’t shown on the map.

Well along with his no front brake, no front gears, he also can’t see through his glasses either, snigger Winking smile

Across a ford which is in the book.

And up a hill

Oddly we here the cries for help. And a group of young people are running through the bracken towards us. Don’t cycle off were lost. Can you tell us where we are please. I get the map out and say your lucky as ten minutes ago I didn’t know either. I showed them the wood we where near and where the stone circle was. They weren’t far off their designated route which was a relief for them.

As it said in the book the end part was about to get exciting and all downhill.

Great if you have no front brakes! And it was a great run. the book was right. Well not for my brother!

Back at the road near Martindale

We had to climb back up that hill that was great to cycle down!

Once back my rain coat had truly worked. I was dry apart from sweat underneath. Wow although wet this had been one great ride.

We put the bikes on the rack and start the journey home

I can’t remember the last time I was this exhausted!


I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 30/06/2013 12:15 Activity type: - Description: Total distance: 29.54 km (18.4 mi) Total time: 5:01:49 Moving time: 4:53:56 Average speed: 5.87 km/h (3.6 mi/h) Average moving speed: 6.03 km/h (3.7 mi/h) Max speed: 45.00 km/h (28.0 mi/h) Average pace: 10.22 min/km (16.4 min/mi) Average moving pace: 9.95 min/km (16.0 min/mi) Fastest pace: 1.33 min/km (2.1 min/mile) Max elevation: 434 m (1423 ft) Min elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Elevation gain: 999 m (3277 ft) Max grade: 104 % Min grade: -18 % Recorded: 30/06/2013 12:15


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