Thursday, June 06, 2013

Four Ashes Bring Your Own Classic Car Show


Thursday and I got in home in time to go to the “Four Ashes Bring Your Own Classic Car Show” which is now on each first Thursday of the Month in 2013. To my dads horror I didn’t jump n my car but suggested we walked it, after all mine was too dirty to take.

It was proberably one of the better suggestions as the queue on the A449 was big. and they had parked everywhere near the pub.

In fact it was too difficult to get a beer so I didn’t and headed straight over tot he field after getting bored of queuing at the bar.

Some had bonnets up some did not.

Here an MG, and theres still a few of these about looking good. I have a soft spot for the plastic looking things, I quite like the interior too.

Well someone had given much love and time to this one.

A rare Aston Martin.

A Mustang

To get a view of the size of the show click the photo above.

A Trio of Cobras not of the beer kind.

Which look smarter from not taking a picture into the sun.

nice to see some huge American cars too.

Some timeless classics

And this other American car which

apart from being green on the outside and enourmous

was also green and big on the inside to and featured a sofa in the back!

My favourite car though was this little fiat 500 Abarth

Very nice

Yep I fancy one of those, completely the opposite end of the scale size to what I have now.

Perhaps though the best classic car at the show was this, a mini metro and in fine nick too.

And finally me and my dad got a beer on our way home, in the pub en-route, The Harrows.

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