Friday, June 07, 2013

Getting there – Getting where?

Friday night and I shoot straight from work to my brothers to collect him. He has a pizza in the oven and as soon as we have eaten we head up north on the M6 in the Moneypit. The M6 was its usual slow self until past Manchester and then we were flying. Then at some point near Lancaster a thought came to my head. A thought that consisted of the only campsite I know of in the Lake district, the only campsite I know in the lake district that you can turn up at any time and pitch, a camp site that last time we went had a notice up in the shower block in particular that I remember that said that of the whole year there was one weekend it was going to be closed. I though and I realised, that was this weekend. Horror Shock Horror. We pulled up into the services and checked the website. It was true it was closed. And all the other campsites I could web up all seemed to be National Trust ones with a pitch up curfew of 9pm.  Having wasted 30 minutes on my phone trying to read web pages I decided to call my work college hoping he would sort me out, only thing is I only have his mobile work number, I ring, I text and leave a message. Next I ring faithful Les whom agrees to find somewhere whilst I finish getting to the Lake district. Once I’m near there I will call him.

So Les finds me a campsite on the south of Coniston, but I decide to check out Baysbrown campsite in the valley with no signal just in case. When I get to the gate the campsite it does have a notice up saying it is closed. Then the phone rings, right where we are parked, whilst I’m looking at the map. It is Jon! Yay he is having a think about so sites, mean while i drive to the nearest Nation Trust Campsite at the bottom of the valley. It is full! no doubt of normal Baybrown campers. when back at the gate of Baybrown Jon calls again and gives me direction to one near Ulleswater. He sends me a text as well with the post code and name of it, he’s stayed here and they should allow us on until 11pm. With that we are off. By now I’m tired so it is either take a cross country route on a white road or the longway on the A road. I go the A road way – and this is no usual modern A road but a twisty up, down round,up down dry walled one and then suddenly there is the sign for the camp site. I’m so glad to see it. We go down the drive and to the reception, which is closed. A sign says go to the pub at the top of the drive and so I turn the car round and go up the hill. Now I didn’t see the speed limit of 5mph, so when I went in the pub to ask for a pitch I wasn’t expecting to be told off for going to fast, which then didn’t go down well when I asked for a pitch for the night. Your a bit late, not sure we have any room, how big is the tent. We must not make any noise, any whilst putting the tent up. I ponder if he didn’t hear the exhaust the first time we passed by? I though best not to mention it. Money was exchange, I had a ticket and then he said, “you fancy a pint then?” eh no? I really do want to pitch that tent up and go to sleep I really really tired. And so the tent got put up in the dark. Erm there was some snoring going on in this field but nothing was going to keep me from sleeping.

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