Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Other Big Day

Like the Queen I have two birthdays, although when I get up it doesn’t feel like its going to be a good day. Nice though is the fact hat more birthday cards have come. It is a bumper set this year, thanks all.

I put them up and then consider what I am going to do about the bad head problem. I have a great idea and that is to go for a swim and burn it out. So I go to the old Epsorta, tell them I’m a member of another club and bingo I’m in the pool. I swim at the pass of the person in the next lane, who is going for it. And at the end of sixty lengths I’m done. I wanted to tap her on the should a say I bet you can’t do that with a hangover. Anyway I get out and have a very long hot shower. Then I head to the changing area and put my cloths on. I soon realise that not only do I have a hang over but I’m also completely knacker too!


From here I go home where Les immediately pulls up behind me. I climb in his car and we are off round the Greenies were Sara has baked me a birthday cake! Yummy. We eat cake and have tea and then we get some balloons out and play with the kids (always good with a hangover). To make things more exciting I show them that if you add a very small amount of water the balloons behaviour completely changes. Its not he only thing that changes as all the adults behaviour does and before you know it everyone is out of control!

Sometime later the yUkka is rescued and taken home. So this is my present from the Greenies. A yukka, something I asked for, hard to kill and lovely to grow.


It was time to leave the house and head to town.

We all meet up in the Possada, the Ultmiate Wolvo Bar

Where Les was bemused and said drink it then.

Can’t I just take a photo of it like these others.

Go on then. YUK

Okay I’ll neck it in one. More people joined us and before you knew it, it was time to move onto the Made In Thai.

The banquet was about to begin.

I had my balloons at the ready

And my cards, and beer too – the wine wasn't mine.

It was great to see Rog.

The Lister family members were happy

And my mom was enjoying the night out too.

The food came and was delicious, everyone found something to there tastes and it tasted wow great wonderful.

And then – er what is this

Out came an inferno

Happy Birthday was sung.

I loved it

Get ready to blow the candles out

a deep breath

and blooooooooooooooooooow


Out in one long deep breath

Time to cut the cake, can I count, can I divide at this stage?

Yaah I’ll give you a smile.

Les has cake

Phil has cake

Rog has cake

Yes even I gave cake

And the meal is over.

I arrange a cab for my mom and dad and then we set off.

In search of more beer and drinkies

Its grovey, as we head from bar to bar to bar to

would you believe it Blast Off! I ask for concession rates at the cashier, who said you’ve got to be joking its been £5 for years, yeah I know love.

Yeah I still had the balloons with me

We disco danced

Whilst some of us slept right through the excitement.

Some us carried on right until the place closed and we got kicked out!

Anther night seen right into day break

Well that birthday I was dreading soo much…..

I loved it. Can we do it again Winking smile

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