Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ridiculous Smart Phones

Well the more you use them the more power they use and unlike my old deffy there is no more carrying spare batteries around. Alan showed me something he kept in his bag. Thats right a battery recharger pack. and said I must get one. So I have. You charge this up and then it holds enough charge to charge your phone up 4 times. Great if your away somewhere. Although Alan has his connected to it most of the day. So have a small smart phone just isn’t small anymore. In fact you may as well just tape this to you phone.

Eager to see if this cheap Chinese thing works I powered it up and yes it does exactly what it doesn’t say on the box, as that was in Chinese.

  • Features:

    100% Brand New and High Quality.

    Portable Power Supply Battery Bank.

    Simple design,Convenient to carry & durable.

    Universal compatibility.

    Two USB outport interface, for to phone charging at the same time.

    Ideal partner for your trip.

    specification :

    Color:Black/White (Please choose which color you need )

    Capacity: about 20000mah

    Input: DC 5V, 1.0A (Max.)

    Output 1: 5.0V, 2.1A (Max.)

    Output 2: 5.0V, 1.0A (Max.)

    Compatible with iPad iPhone iPod ;digital cameras DV,PSP etc.
    Dimension: about 136 mm x 71 mm x 24mm

    Package Included :

    1 X 20000mAh Power Bank

    1×USB Cable

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