Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Staring me in the face

There been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, then I gave up and did it the easy way.

The reconditioned wiper arms I got from MX5 Heaven at the MX5 Rally last September have become as bad as my originals I took off.

This manky looking bit stares me in the face. Along with something else I could not take it any longer

So I brought two new genuine arms and these genuine wiper blades. Apparently the wiper blades are bent, specifically the passenger side to properly sweep the curve of the windscreen – I guess as you would expect, where as the non genuine replacements don’t. Well that maybe answers why I get a patch that is never wiped properly?

On they go and yes I give them a try.

You’d never believe it but yeah the whole windscreen does get wiped. Amazing you what. But for some not worth the cost believe me! However for me those new black wiper arms are magnificent. As the saying goes, don’t buy cheap because you’ll end up buying twice – I wish I’d never brought those ones reconditioned ones off MX5 Heaven.

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