Saturday, June 01, 2013

The appointment


Today I went off to Vision Express after arranging an appointment with them, as they won’t give me any more contact lenses until they check my eyes out. As usual I’ve been naughty and as I’ve had no problems I’ve not gone in for any check up’s (does anyone?).

Mind their computerised records show I haven't been since 2008. Which is wrong and show them the last contact lenses service document I have off them which is dated for twelve months from 2012. What I can remember though is when I went in 2008 they went computerised and couldn’t find my big fat wodge of a written record. Nope they had all gone and we had to start from scratch. Anyway my new records are now gone but everything up to 2008 is on the system and the pages are all scanned in. ah life is a joy!

Anyway I’m now £260 lighter and all I have to show for it is…

this piece of paper. They have bucked the system and order some lenses which should fit first time – we will see. And with that I sat with the manageress who seems to never forget me and we remised about old times as she has been there for 17 years and I was one of there first customers I think. I get the contact lense service agreement insurance for the new contact lenses which only me and her seem to know they do – well most people have renewable lenses so don’t need it. I like V.E. Wolverhampton they are always good, although I don’t like there lenses for their glasses as much as the 4 sight ones. She did ask if I was going to have any glasses, she must think I’m loaded or something. I had a look before I left and saw none I liked anyway. Just think when I get these I’ll need to order a second spare set – using that service agreement at half the cost.

To settle my stomach I go to cafe Nero’s and

have a Chi Latte, bag and crisps and wait for my Panini to come. From here I head to the men's department to try a shirt on. Luckily even the big one doesn’t fit.

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