Friday, June 14, 2013

The Big Day


I get up and yep what can you say it is my Birthday. I have some breakfast and

even the cat has joined me although naughtily she is on the table.

How dam cute

Today I have got an appointment to collect my contact lenses and have the fit checked. Also that I can actual see out of them. I decide to go to work on the bus and train. When I get tot the bus stop there is no one there. Erm when I drive past there is always someone here. This doesn't bowed well.

Eventually two more people come, which relaxes me that there will be a bus,. This is followed by a girl who comes and notes no of us are regular bus catchers. She explains that we should be alright today as the bus does tend to turn up on Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days it randomly doesn’t turn up “mainly due to breakdowns”.

The bus comes and the chap hasn’t even got his ticket machine installed, or got the float ready to give me some change. HE delves into his jacket pockets and has handfuls of coins now overflowing from his hands! The bus journey s marvellous. I enjoy it, mainly I suppose that it is something different and I’m not driving in the traffic. I love nothing more than to people watch and right now I have a big window. Once in Wolvo there is nothing to do, and I mean nothing other than go to McDonalds and a have a Big McCoffee. From here we go to Vision Express and sample the delights of them not actually knowing why I’m there or what to do with me. This I expect and am ready for. And as soon as they are trying to give me another eye exam, I nudge them into the right direction and inform them I had one of these a couple of weeks back. I get my contact lenses and then have to wait a while to let them settle – which could have obviously have been done the second I had walked in the shop if they were turned on, but hey this was my birthday and I was going to take it as easy as they were. I get a full eye check with them in and all is honkey dory enough for me to leave with them in.

I wander over to the railway station and as luck had it a train is due with ten minutes, a virgin express to Eutson, so that will do.

And this is one full virgin express. Someone sits with next to me and we have a natter as we head to Birmingham New Street. now Birmingham New Street has been done up. So when I get off the train, where the stairs where there was now a lift. I queue, and a lady comes up to me, does this lift go to the foyer area? God knows love I’ve not been here since they reopened it last week. We climb in and up it goes to the foyer area. Erm now the hard bit, to find a train tot Aston, first thing is the timetable boards have gone, and there is a lack of train info anywhere. Luckily I had picked up 3 train timetables at Wolvo. Looking at the Aston trains it becomes obvious there was in fact a direct train if I’d hung around long enough at Wolvo. To late for that now. And according to the time table there is a train in a couple of minutes. This can’t be true can it? I find out it is at platform 1B. Isn’t that wher eI have just come up from?

I arrive at work and there is some ballons, banners, cards and presents on my desk. I smile this was a nice surprise. The birthday cakes were opened and everyone got straight back to work Winking smile.

A few hours later we were in the pub at the bottom of the road, The Swan and Mitre. And around 8:30pm we moved onto Broad Street in Brum

And a fair few hours after that we were in walk bout showing the younsters how to dance, and how to drink as  may test tubes as you can. Yeah I can still party.

Of course some hours latter we stagger out, I make sure John gets in a cab, he looks in worse state than me and some time latter

I get to go to bed. Now I never fall asleep in my contact lense, but these new ones must have been comfortable because after wearing them for some 18 hours I decided I’d sleep in them too. DOH.

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