Monday, September 30, 2013

Happiest Girl I Ever Knew

Mad Mad Mad and madness I know but I have now started to collect the Depeche Mode collectors Editions which is barmy as they aren't sold anymore and are going for an horrendous price in some circles. Here I even got violator often selling for £99. Can you believe it?

So here I now sit listening to violator in 5.1 and one of my very favourite tracks which is a B-side Happiest Girl I ever Knew.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who’s Wearing My Head?


Cricks if waking up one morning at 1:30 isn’t enough I do it again. Everyone is up already, I’m outdoing Alan and Zoe for not getting up now! Something is a miss though I have a bad hangover. Reall bad like my head isn’t connected to my body. Erm the last time I felt like this was…… The Circle Line Pub Crawl…!!!!

We sit in the garden enjoying tea, biscuits, filthadelpheia, the sunshine, each other company and more survive.

In fact lots of games of survive. This game is dam good. Zoe asks how I decided onit. Just how many games reviews I had read should probably wouldn't believe but it gave me a head ache like the one I had right at that moment.

We moved onto Ingenious, the full board game for four people. Only after the first go we find it a bit too easy. This can’t be right can it. We read the instructions and try again.

Well we must be experts at it! Complete Ingenious. Apparently we aren't being mean enough strategically to each other.

And so we try again.

Then back to survive.

Before heading indoors for tea and eating some of the wow potatoes Nack planted, we noticed the information on the white board had been added too!

Who added the extra ingredients such as 53 gal beer, 18 poo, 3 urine amongst others?

Out came another game Pandemic, a new one to me and a game where you have to play co-operatively. Once I got the hang of it, it all seemed to easier. Did we just play to well together as a team?

next time we need to play with some rubbish team members!

yeah it was all over to quickly.

Then Zoe got this out. Brain strain with a normal brain let alone one that did feel attached to my body still.

There was going to be moments I wished I’d just blanked out.

Now this game went on and on. Not a bad thing.

But that brain of mine was in trouble.

It was now late after 11pm and it was well past time to go home.

I wasn’t sure I was up to it to be sure. Luckily the motorway was empty apart from middle lane hogger drivers. I’d had a great weekend and I hope Zoe did too.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Luckily for everyone – I’m not woken and it is sometime after 1:30 pm when I wake up. I’m woken up by a lot of noise from downstairs. Hell they have people round and I’m still in bed. I get up showered and get down stairs. There is only Alan and Zoe in the house though. They are playing the game I got her for her birthday. It was areal joy to hear they were enjoying it so much just between themselves.

We head outside as they want to do some gardening. I relax for a while and smell the freshly cut grass. They soon get me working hard though! I do hope Maddy doesn’t see this post Winking smile

There once was a hedge here. and there still is.

Which most of it ended up on the freshly cut grass. More work for Alan.

Which left the hedge like this. Yeah. So much less of it.

While Alan tidies up the garden and Zoe cooks some tea, I add a new feature to the garden which will become apparent latter. Only I’m caught doing it. Not surprising really.

Tea was a ever yummy and then we set a bout getting tidied up.

Alan was looking his dapper self whilst we played

The original Grand Theft Auto

Awkward and shocking especially with the D-Pad.

It was time to move on though to Stocktober Fest

We get in the queue early for a decent seat

And we are in!

And the band get playing soon enough

The beers flow

and choosing which one

There was soon much merriment happening

A cake popped out for these three who's birthdays it was. Nack getting impatient for a slice.

Yes the cake was getting cut.

And some people had the beer munchies bad.


I’m not sure what he said, he had his mouth full.

Then there was more beer

Some hand slapping, some conga dancing

and some rowdyness.

at both ends of the table.

And occasionally they would look innocent?

My round exclaims Alan.

The cake is finished.

And before you know it the gig is over, we are getting kicked out

Its a long walk home

So some of us wait for a taxi or two or maybe more

Back at Alan and Zoƫ's we head to the garden, enjoying the star lights

and the warm fire. Who knows what time we go to bed but its around 4pm again…


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