Thursday, October 31, 2013

Side Effects

There aren't that many films I would turn off. But this one I was tempted at, then I lost interest, but left it on. Which I’m glad about as the story really picks up and the later 2/3rds are a gem of a film. If it was a book I would have thrown it a side and never enjoyed it after the second chapter.

And I was really puzzled by where I had seen this actor Jude Law before. What an outstanding character he plays wonderfully here as a physiatrist.

If I told you the story it would ruin it, so go on bored yourself for half an hour before enjoying the full plot.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Duvet Monster Dance

Delivery day had come for the new bed. However

I should have been called or texted 48-24 hours before to confirm they were going to deliver on the scheduled day. Had I received either? No. So I went to work and gave Bensons For Beds a call and asked for an update. After giving my order number a very polite lady in customer services came back onto me and said I should have received a text yesterday. Well I haven’t. That's because our texts don’t work with all networks! And yes your bed is down for delivery this afternoon between midday and 6pm. Great I thought I’m some 25 miles away. Now it occurred to me at this point that –“ that's got to be a great system sending out texts to customers knowing that they may not get them! So why not call?” Anyway I conclude that unless I had called they weren’t going to deliver as ‘suddenly’ they would deliver in the afternoon, or maybe I’m the only person in that area to deliver to and were hoping to change the day. If they had called this could have been arranged. However there I sat at work some 25 miles away.

About midday I get a voice message I’m on my way to deliver your bed, I should be at the address in forty minutes. I sit at work thinking that’s great I’m some 25 miles away. Sometime later after a session at the gym I get home and there is the bed in the living room.

Wo hoooo an airflow memory 2000 PLUS. Now I had it left downstairs for a reason. That was because as I had not know it was actually going to come today I wasn’t going to debed the bed I already had. So tired and weary from the gym, I debeded my old bed, got the mattress downstairs.

Got the new mattress upstairs, unwrapped and then did the duvet monster dance.

After all that action I lay on it and thought to myself, god that's comfy.




This morning it is cold. So cold the windscreen is frozen solid and is the first morning I’ve had to get the scraper out.

I know life is so exciting.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spice Bazaar


Tonight I thought we would try somewhere new. Not only is this place closer to home (as the crow flies) it also meant it was closer to where my brother lived to. So I called to check they had a table for 3 before heading over there. Yes a table would be available and so we headed to Bridgetown in Cannock

The Place is called Spice Bazaar and is located in a converted house. We are sat down in the bar and await to be taken to our table. Once at our table for a change we have to study the menu. We peruse the dishes on offer, no chilli pakora here.

In a way the service wasn’t as good here as Jivans. But that's because its our first time here. So we actually have to order our Cobra beers and wait for them rather than them appearing like magic on the the table infront of us.

Quick enough food is served. The popadoms are as per everywhere, and come with the usual accompaniments of mint sauce (Yeah of forgotten tis real name), chilli jam and opinion salad. Nothing special here but nothing wrong either.

Then the starters come and my are they nice, I have Rezala and my brother Katia Kebab, which was just as wonderful. Fatboy didn’t have one.

For mains me and my brother had a chicken tikka jalfrazzi, Fatboy had a chicken masala, These were accompanied with a chilli nan, plain nan and SB nan and also Rainbow Rice. Wow there wasn’t a single thing here that wasn’t delightfully wonderfully flavoursome. The nan’s whilst not as good or the size as those at Jivans, they were really good. Nice and light and tasted perfect, very moreish. The Rainbow rice was a real treat too and I’ll be order more of this in the future. You might even think that I’d be upset as I didn’t get a balti dish. Well I ate it from the serving dish. The food here is so nice it better than the Kings Repose up the road and the atmosphere is much nicer too. There is no rush and it is calmer, the small rooms work well and the décor is lushfull.

When the bill came Fatboy like the wall paper saw red. I’m not sure why..

But he became a right arse about paying up and thinking we were trying to con him. The bill came to £79.00. We subtracted the price of our additional starters and advised him the cost. What you have got to be kidding I haven't had £23.00 of food. Well he was quiet right, the drinks here are £4.00 a pint. The food was well priced and very good value for money as it was so nice. But this he didn’t get and he carried on being an arse about it and not getting his money out. The only thing he proved was that next time we go out I will think twice about inviting him.

And so the only thing that was bad about the meal at Spice Bazaar was my mate at the end. No doubt I will be returning but there may only be the two of us there.

The Joint

My mom has been in New Cross Hospital since Tuesday morning to have her hip joint replaced She's been in pain and agony for ages and has struggled on famously so fingers crossed this will sort her out. After visiting her each night, brings fond memories of living in this hospital some 5 years ago. However this time things were much better as the day after the surgery your could see the pained expression on my moms face gone. Having originally been told that she would be out by the weekend, this didn’t seem to materialise. Today though as we went to see her this afternoon she called to say they were going to release her. And so after she had he tea at the hospital, and god did it seem nice considering I’d only had a bowl of Special-K at breakfast time, she was given the discharge papers and she was off. You’d like to think sprinting down the corridor with a smile on her face. In reality we put her in her wheel chair and rolled her out. She was happy to be back home once more.

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Getting Framed

I have at last found somewhere to get my picture reframed. I take it out the old damaged frame and sprint up to Stafford.

Here at peach gallery we go through the options. No doubt the bloke behind the counter thinks I’m mad getting a 1.6m x 0.5m poster picture I brought from Prague some 13years ago of a light house scene completely mad.

Anyway its going to take them a couple of weeks to sort it and then I’ve got to cough up one hundred and forty spondounies.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ten pints and a Chinese

After a long day at and not at work, I head down to the Swan and Mitre to join the lads from the workshop for a beer. They have been here since 3pm so I have some catching up to do.

We play killer on the pool table

Notable some people are better at playing whilst not looking what they are doing. After much beer consumption we head over to the Wing Wha for a slap up all you can eat tea. Not that any of us can actually eat that much as we are full of beer.

Soon enough though it is time to split and I head to Aston station to get me a £2.20 return ticket to Wolverhampton. Lucky me I can come back here tonight. I head into Brum and consider going for a pint here, or catching the train to Codsall. However on platform 6A a four carriage train is due for Manchester that will go via Wolverhampton.

So I catch the very crowded train. Manchester would appear to be very popular on this Cross Country train.

We pull into Wolverhampton and I consider it foolish to go to Jivans for another meal, so I go to the Posada and have a pint whilst I look up the time of the bus and burn some time. Oddly it costs me more on the bus than the return rail fare does for a much shorter journey!

I consider the day, I have used 4 cars, 2 trains, 1 bus, 1 pair of legs, used several glasses, ate Chinese, spoke with Chinese, smoked polish, spoken with polish, enjoyed killer and not seen a jumper and when I get home and Basic Instinct is on. I reach for the Listerine and think tomorrow will be boring.

The Jumper

The traffic down the M6 has hit an all time pain in the arse slowness of we now have 4 lanes of stationary or near stationary traffic that is taking some 1 1/2hrs to do what is essentially a 20 minute drive of 22miles. Yeah go figure. So this week I have started setting out at 7:10am, and as a result have been getting to work ontime. During the course of the week I have been trying to find that new route that would cut the time down so here what I did.

Monday usually the worst day I avoided the M6 at the beginning. I however immediately hit traffic down the Cannock road and infact crawled all the way to junction 9 where I got on the M6 motorway and regretted it.

Name: Monday drive Activity type: driving Description: - Total distance: 35.21 km (21.9 mi) Total time: 1:19:50 Moving time: 1:15:58 Average speed: 26.47 km/h (16.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 27.81 km/h (17.3 mi/h)


I repeated the same route but once back on the M6 J9 to J6 were horrendous.

Name: Tuesday drive Activity type: driving Description: - Total distance: 35.43 km (22.0 mi) Total time: 1:06:02 Moving time: 1:04:20 Average speed: 32.19 km/h (20.0 mi/h) Average moving speed: 33.04 km/h (20.5 mi/h)


New plan today and went via the Black Country route. Busy but moving until as I expected J1 of the M5 was boned and then the crawl into Birmingham from the West Bromwich Football ground.

Name: Wednesday drive Activity type: driving Description: Total distance: 35.58 km (22.1 mi) Total time: 1:05:41 Moving time: 58:58 Average speed: 32.50 km/h (20.2 mi/h) Average moving speed: 36.21 km/h (22.5 mi/h)



Revised plan of joining the M6 at Junction 9 and then heading down to junction 1 of the M5. This worked well. Then the crawl past the West Bromwich ground. Actually no quicker but the drive in was much more pleasant.

 Name: Thursday Activity type: driving Description: - Total distance: 38.88 km (24.2 mi) Total time: 1:04:49 Moving time: 1:01:23 Average speed: 35.98 km/h (22.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 37.99 km/h (23.6 mi/h)



Well someone took the traffic situation to heart and decided enough was enough and jumped off the bridge at Junction 7. Nice place for it as it the “high” point of the route. This caused motorway and normal road chaos. Headed to Junction 9 where we considered ignoring the reports on WM and got on the M6 south bond to find it empty. There was no body to be seen at Junction 7 and the there was the worlds biggest stationary queue heading north where they had coned the area off ad closed the motorway. The hardest bit was getting off at spaghetti junction as at the island below there was a queue to join the northbound going nowhere queue. All in all no time difference!

Name: Friday jumper Activity type: driving Description: - Total distance: 38.09 km (23.7 mi) Total time: 1:09:30 Moving time: 1:06:49 Average speed: 32.87 km/h (20.4 mi/h) Average moving speed: 34.19 km/h (21.2 mi/h)

So after all that conclude what you like.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


The pipercross filter came for” the money pit”, and just as I expected it was too small. But too small is a good thing. And so off to work to draw up an adaptor plate and to talk nicely to someone to make it for me – hopefully.


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Aye too Zee

I was looking at an A to Z of Birmingham and flicked to the Merryhill Centre page.


Then I notices that after all this time the monorail was shown (as a red line) that's they I've built there and then much later sold. Then took down I wonder where it went?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too for six ow won

Tonight I came in and subjected myself and my dad to Les Misérables. I'd never seen it and it was a musical. The last musical I'd seen was Sweeny Todd, which as it happens also has in it Anne Hathaway. Not only that but she also has a mincer in that too. The only other thing is the last time I saw that film is while my mom was in hospital just like now.

So although it was much harder to swallow than Sweeny Todd because the lines were somewhat non musical in places, but everything was sang regardless of it could have been or not, I really enjoyed the story - having never taken any interest in what Les Misérables may or may not have been about all this time. Hugh Jackman and Russel Crow work really well together or not so if you see what I mean. So glad to have seen it - although while my dad stayed awake I don't think he enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting the IPOD out


I got the “old” Ipod out and then tried to teach my mom how to use it. That was after I had retaught myself. Wow do you remember when these were cutting edge. But they are nice and simple to use, I think mobile phones just took over in the end though. Hell I don’t even store the music files on mine anymore its all done wirelessly. How things move on, but for the better?

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Double trouble


Yep I’ve seen them in the cinema and now I’m watching them again in glorious bluray with the surround system on with the parents. Isn’t it a bit loud? There having a spaceship fight for Christ's sake of course its loud!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Greatest Hits Of Neil Diamond

I have at last found time to watch The Big Bang Theory series 7. The first one is a bit misfit but after that the episodes get much better

And back to all the sillyness that makes the big bang so funny and loveable. Keep it coming.

The Big Bang Theory starts season 7 on E4 31st October make a date for it!

Catch-up time

There has been two new old posts wippee:

Some one call the fire brigade
Now That’s Suspicious

Full Bloom


Here are all the sunflowers looking absolutely great.

A nice little forest of them all dancing in the gentle wind.

I wonder how long they will last.

Nothing better to do?

Whilst I was doing my wonder wheels I as decided it was time to repaint the manifold cover which had got awfully scruffy. So I got the red paint out and sprayed it up.

I put it back on but as the ARC air filter had to be taken off I thought I’d give the foam panel a clean. Well cleaning really wasn’t helping it actually needs replacing. Gulp. If I could get one and I guess I could but I’m not paying £150 from Australia for it nope. I’m going to fit a Pipercrosss one. Well I hope I am as there not quiet the same size.

Well I’ve ordered one and for now I’ve put it all back together.

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