Friday, November 15, 2013

Depeche Mode Night


I get home from work at dinner time and pack my bag. I do well I tell myself only packing my smaller backpack. Mind it is full to the brim.

I collect Sara and then Les, both of whom have packed much les than me? How do they do that?

Some time later we arrive in Manchester select a random car park, even though I had interneted them all in the city centre earlier and made our way to the Crown & anchor in Hilton Street.

We were shown to our rooms, and the bathroom. I ask what time we really had to leave tomorrow and I was told unofficially 11:30am. That sounds Okay I don’t think we will make breakfast I tell them.  A quick unpack

And we were ready to go out. For some reason though Les and Sara weren’t completely happy about there room,

Their towels, or anything else.  I did however give them the choice of the rooms. Mine and Rog’s was fine, with clean towels and bed linen and nobody had pissed in the kettle.

We head out and look for the Port Street Beer House which is around here somewhere but I’m not sure where. I Google map it but it doesn't appear!

Eventually having gone round in a circle we are nearly back at the The Crown & Anchor when I notice the place. Oh my its right next door tot the Crown & Anchor! If only we had gone left instead of right outside the door.

We get the drinks in.

And here at this moment was Les’ and ky fabourite drinks. For Les Circus Sour and me Pig in the Pen, I think.

A few more and I’m getting concerned that I might have had too much already.  Then Rog calls to say he has arrived so I go and show him to the room so he can dump his bag and join us.

Yay I’m here, just how much have you lot had???

A few more drinks and then we decide that golly look at the time we had better head across the city and get something on the way. We stumble on a place called the Cakecup Kitchen and head in. Not busy, but lots of cake on display.

There’s plenty of non alcholic liquid refreshment here and I opt not for tea but a Purple Haze milkshake , ahhhh yeah.

Tea and pot and timers came for everyone else and they were told how long each tea needed to be brewed for. How dam exciting.

There was the patent wait for the perfect cuppa.

And dadar the food also came. For me a wonderfully simple but delicious chicken pie dish.

But we all had our eyes on the cake. Did we really have time for cake? Not really.

We should be at the gig but I really couldn’t resist. And so Les had Carrot cake.

Rog had Rainbow cake

Nack had Pistachio cake and Sara, I can’t actually recall but believe me she had cake too.

We made our way to the MENA area got a drink, got a T-shirt, put the T-shirt on, then sat down and caught the end of the Jezabels.

I’m pretty glade we only caught the end of them because I really wasn’t into the music.

then the band came on. Yay Depeche Mode. Now if you want to be board by the photos there are plenty. Just click the photo above.

For a two hour set the gig flew by, an impressive but simple set.

And then they finally disappeared. Never to come back and rumoured to be their last tour.

With all the hustle and bustle the crowd dispersed and we made our way back into the city looking for a bar. We went to te Barcelona bar and had a few Estella Dam’s.

All now weary I take them back to the pub and then tell them I’m going to disappear for a Kebab. Oddly they all want to come with me and when I get there none of them have one! I would have gone for a curry but I know there’s no such thing as the midnight curry here. By the look of it though Kebabs are not liked at midnight either.


We make it back to bed and I close my eyes.


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