Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How To End It


I wake up on the last day of this year. Will it be thrilling, I doubt it, I’ve seen a few, I’ve been to a few, I have even not tried to be consciousness for a few. To be fair, the last five I’ve either not been in England, or I’ve been ready to escape England for the snow, the white stuff I love so much to glide on. This year there is no such excitement. This year, this year  I desire the white stuff more than ever because I know it is out of reach, and yet I want to jump in my car right now and disappear to those magic  white frosty mountains, I truly ponder if I have made a mistake here. Will I ever see them again, I want to feel the crisp dry air, to see the beauty of those mountain tops stretch for miles, sitting there on the tip of a rugged mountain at the top of the world. Instead I look outside and see the grass, it is dull. It doesn’t even need mowing.


Of course I do now have a mirror in the bathroom. It is of course a magic mirror for it is held up by nothing. I’m not joking.


For some reason I get on with that second coat. I just do, I paint, I like to paint,it takes my mind of it, off the world, of the nothingness.


I then tidy up, this takes longer as I’m messy, so very messy.


But the end result is great, I hang my picture from Prague and the room is now so so so so much better.


I smile it make me happier, it may not be white, but it makes me happier.


And with that I hang my other favourite picture in my spare room. Perhaps it shouldn’t be here. Perhaps this room should be painted red. Perhaps I will but not today.


I make the bed for Les whilst the snowboard tease me. I could be there in twelve hours. I could. I get in the car, but not to cruise to France, but to nip to the shops.


I get back and my brother and Les turn up. What's more Les wasn’t joking.


He had got me another present, he said it came all the way from Washington for some reason, hence the delay. Even more surprising is what it was as I’d know idea what I’d asked for. I hope it is a good read like the other one.


And so whilst they settle and Beardy does a disappearing act once more.


We drink beer and I cook tea. A pie, a leek and chicken pie, with bacon too.


In with the pastry as I’m so good with it, and this is a real pie, pastry on all sides, not a casarole or stew with a pastry top. No a PIE.


with fork patterns around the edge and everything.


And in it goes, but how hot and for how long, does anyone know. Are we following a recipe? Nope. Do we have instructions? Nope. Do I bung it in at 200 Deg C and prey, Yes but not totally.


Sometime latter the chip shop has remand open for us, my brother goes collects the chips and then it closes behind him, they have made them fresh for us though!


I get a special ingredient out of the fridge, For Matt and Maddy got my some Champagne for moving in, and as I don’t drink very often I still have it, I wanted to share it and so kept it, and now this feels like the right moment to open it.


And as I don’t actually like Champagne I can confirm this is the best Champagne I personal have ever tasted and liked, and I liked it a lot. It was truly, truly, truly nice champagne. I want more, but had to put up with Purity. But the Poades may well have changed my mind about Champagne for ever more.


Eventually I stopped taking photos and we ate. And it was good, the pie was divine, totality, divine, and eaten until we were full. So fully.


And so the washing up was done, the table cleared and out came the games, notably the game to play was Camel Up, or Camel Cup depending on your eye balls. Les surprised me this Christmas with buying me a game randomly without me asking, hence why I thought the present he gave me earlier was a ruse by saying it never came in time for Christmas day. Anyway what appears to be a simple game of camel racing and betting isn’t. How hard can it be you ask,I'm sure.


But you try betting on the right camel. You try betting on the most unpredictable beasts in the world. There is not controlling them, they are uncontrollable.


Which is why I won with 133 pounds. Oh yeah that cheered those pair up.


We watched the fireworks and went to bed, for you can’t ever have too much excitement for one night.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Help What's Happening To Me!


I play with Trevor, I’ve played with Franklin and Michael and now its Trevor's turn once more. Eventually though I put him down and go to Dunelm to look at curtains.


They don’t have the right colour though and so head off to The Range. They have the right colour but no option in the right size! This can’t be true. I pick some others, its a compromise but I think they will work. I also get some tile hooks, some Diva paint in matt, now I’m excited and I want one of these wind catchers. I want, but don’t get.


I note down Iron Stop and see if I can get the one I want online.


Once back home I put my curtains up. Yay they work well enough.


Then I go around and put up my hooks for the tie backs – help what's happening to me!


I then get my new palm sander out I had for Christmas. And get going, I’m very motivate. I’m going to get the job done.


A few hours later I have repainted the wall. I can see this is good, I can see this is going to work, I’m happy, I’m content, I’ve achieved something. Tomorrow I will give it a second coat, and it should be fine.


And for tonight's tea I have The Cucumber Got It salad with fish fingers.


It was totally yummy. And I settled down for the night, high as a kite off the paint fumes, I smiled and closed my eyes – I will get it done.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Where did it go???


At some point my blog will be back. Between doing something, and everything and the KLF situation, and then I kept telling myself to get the front bedroom room done and not wasting time with the blog, its all gone Paul foot. Where has time gone. One moment it was the end of October the next I had my head in the KLF book. I was going to catch up, but I’m no longer sure that's possible. I know that if you put your mind to it anything is possible and the fluxing capacitor project is going to take slightly longer than originally planned. I guess I need to go for a walk, so I’m going to. Stay tunned, you won’t regret it, although I might…..

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sticking it up


I wake up, its a surprisingly nice day, the ice is still in the garden and the Buddha is no doubt cold. I take them a cup of tea.


I put up a new light switch pull in the bathroom and feel excited! This is truly what life has come to.


In fact it gets better. I thought I’d try these tile transfers to remove some the clinicalness of the all white tiled bathroom. And whilst they are simple to do, they are a right pain. To get them perfect is even more problematic.


I put a couple up and yes this is going to work. I ponder in my head though, if you transfer them with water, how good are they in the shower area then? I mean will they want to transfer right back off. Now that wouldn’t be so good would it?


The excitement gets even better with the putting up of the curtains I had for Christmas. Ohhhhh


It kind of gets me in the mood to finish the room off. This looks good. I like them.


And I put the spare one on the landing. Now that looks great.


With those exciting things out of the way it time to enter the loft and have a look at the aerial connection for the upstairs TV points. A new connection is fitted to both ends and


I connect the wires. Here we go then.


I nip into the sparest room and turn on the TV that is never used, I a now pointless TV, but one that may come in handy if I run out of gas and I need to heat a single room cheaply.


I set it going and yay its finding channels, it finding many many many channels, good god its found 124 channels, are there really that many?


Well it seems to have worked. If anyone every stays in the sparest room they can watch TV. how wonderful.


Next its time for the outside aerial. I get it out, I get the ladder out, I get the tools out, I get the drill out. I even get out the old TV aerial cable from the window sill, which turns into a problematic nightmare of later getting the new one through latter even though I had fed a pull string through as it came out.


Up the ladder, with drill bracket and fixings. One would like to say hay look no hands. Undoubtedly I was probably being watched from the pub again.


Now the holes that I got in the mortar great, easy peasy, but the two holes I had to drill through the 100 year old bricks so hard, so solid, so brick were a bugger. In fact I was probably drilling for two hours. To the point that with the hammer action I could no longer feel my hands. Not good on a ladder. But eventually to my amazement there were enough wholes deep enough to allow the raw plugs to be fitted and the bolts to be tightened.


With numb hands I get the aerial, look where everyone else's is pointing and erect it as such. If nothing else it is always a nice view from up here.


Once erected, I route the cable and pin it to the wall. I play forever trying to get it though the window sill once the pull cord has pulled off the cable. Arrrgggg. But it gets done. Just before it dark.


On with the flat box then and get the tuner tuning.


Oh my oh my, 136 channels on this one. Really is there that much to watch out there, I mean I’ve done without for 3 months so far, what have I been missing, have I been missing anything? Will this stop production?


I switch the box off, tidy up and close the door and go to my parent. Whilst there I have tea and watch the Top Gear Christmas Special. What lonely things will they be made to look like they are doing on the spur of the moment?


Ohh its exciting


now of al the cars to have picked this was a good choice. A real good choice. The Lotus espirit, so neat so nice, oooohhhhh. and that number plate, that reminds me of something N269 KNG.


I get in my car its cold outside about –4.5 deg, that Buddha will be cold, I should have brought them in.


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