Friday, January 31, 2014

Put the kettle on

I get to work and I head to the breakfast club. We have a good natter and then there’s way too much to do at my desk. My brain is about to explode, I want to do it there just isn’t enough capacity and time! I have the solutions at last!

So it was nice to unwind in the gym and then I thought I’d go and see Matt and Maddy and hopefully have a nice cup of tea. They showed me there new kitchen and cooker. It was great to see them they looked so content, all I needed now though was my bed.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

So lets set off on a journey

I have brought Silent Hill 2 and 3 although I’m not interested in 3, in HD for the PS3. I already have it for the PS2 and thought it would be great to play it all the way through as I never finished it on the PS2. Then I thought I’d read the reviews

It would appear they didn’t do a good job of the disc realise and they patched it. Well the patch downloaded and then took an awfully long time to install!

But it did and here we go.

The main issue I noticed was the fog. That was until I correctly adjusted the brightness in the options. Now things look okay. So lets set off on a journey…..

Getting excited

I look away from my monitor and notice it is snowing outside.

And when I say snowing I mean blizzard. I get so excited…if only that snowboard would come?

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I thought it would never die

I get home and my dad confesses he’s being using my Sony Wega 32” CRT tv today and it has died. I check it and the light is flashing at the bottom, which if you read the manual stands for call the service centre its bad news.

Its been relegated for some time in the dinning room, with me never being able to part with it as it cost so dam much all those years ago. I’ve had it since that web site “Lets Buy It Together” and then you got things much cheaper. Well this £1200 TV I got for about £800! amazing. I’ve been using it to play my Playstation retro games and other systems as they appear far better on the old CRT TV's than the digital LCD ones Sad smile. oh well some weight lifting practise coming up at the weekend I guess. You know how heavy these things are???? I thought it would never die, and the picture was as good as the day it died as the day I brought it. Fantastic…


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh James You Made Me Happy


This is it then, this is the night I finished it.

This is when I get the full story.

This is when I get to fully understand what is going on.

Kill a couple of Pyramid Heads

And we are back to Maria.

No she isn’t is she? And what's happening to you?

A long fight with her and some moths and it finally is the end.

The truth comes out.

He killed her because she was alreayd dying. It  doesn’t tell you what from but he doesn’t want her to suffer.

So they go to the Lakeside hotel

And ends it all in a peaceful way.

I’m so glad I got there in the end.

And this watery ending is one ending of 8. However I’m not doing it another 7 times!

I watch the credits

And get to enjoy my results card at the end. No more nightmares shudder.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Fiddly Fingers


Most modern cars have levers in the head lamp houses so that when you go abroad you don’t need those stickers. Of course getting to those levers can be somewhat a pain. Anyway I had left them in Europe mode and while there was a moment I switched them over. No easy task actually. You would in fact be better off using the the stickers especialy if like my car you have the Xeon lights with the ballasts on the back.


Whilst the one on the side with the air box is the true pain, I have found that the the one on the passenger side can in fact be switch in the main beam bulb area, giving far better access. There on the left hand side is the lever. Just put you finger on it and lift it up or down. Now back to British setting, let the round be flooded with light once more.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Watching it legally

Its been a while since I had watched The Big Bang Theory and I hadn’t seen episode 8 or 9. So I put 4D online on and watched them. 8 was poor but 9 made up for it.

Drum Stick


With the bad weather and not a lot going on there was not a lot to do other than play on the PS3 and eat sweets all day long.


Outside there seemed to be a parking issue. If only it would stop raining as I’ve got a job to do outside.

I played Grid 2 and did some driving like an ass racing. How I stay on the track sometimes is unbelievable.

With Zoe and Alan back from the land of Pizza with Chips and hot dog sausage they were online. Which was great timing as it suddenly stopped raining, So I cancelled the online gaming and went outside for an hour. Back indoors after they were playing away.


Great but then fantastic Virgin Fast Sunday as giving me hassle connecting to the GTAV server I think. Well I was only getting 1mbps! Eventually I joined (and lost connection several times throughout the afternoon.

After being champion many many many times I got disconnected again and it wouldn’t reconnect. So it was goodbye and time to play something else.

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Burn your eyes out

I went round changing some bulbs for LED burn your eyes out ones.

At last both are working. Then I went downstairs to change some more. My dad said there's no need to change them, its the light fitting not that I haven't changed them. You see in our household my dad cuts the electric bill n=by not replacing them. Right then when are we going to fix the light fitting then?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Twenty Four, Thirty, Forty Two

That is how long it took me.

I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it.

So these were the final moments

The twist in the tale

The lies

The deceit.

What will the future bring?

Is this truly the end? But its been so enjoyable. What now……

Them brakes

The brakes at the front are causing me problems again, so I went and got some more discs, not Pagid this time.


Luckily the weather was nice with the sun out.

So off with the not so old Pagid ones and on with the cheaper new ones

A clean up at the same time and everything looks fine.

The old discs though had “build-up” on them which is causing changes in thickness on the disc and giving the Wapping feeling.

One finger rubs over the surface and I grimace

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