Friday, February 28, 2014

How Bright

Today is mufti day and as I decided what to wear I thought, hey Lets get the Bright Pink T-shirt out.

So I did, just look how bright it is.

Didn’t wear my red coat that would have clashed.

Following a long day at work I went for swim, where by I found my contact lenses hadn’t neutralised, awww that sting and went for the plung in the pool in the “blind”. I forewarned the girls in the same lane I couldn’t see in case they though I was being an arse swimming into them. Things were fine there then. Following that I decided to visit the Greenies. Mr’s Greenie and Tegan were in. We talked watched, The Last Shawn the Sheep and then Ice Road Truckers before Sarah disappeared to get Tom from Scouts. I took the moment and got out Hey There My Fish. When Sara and Tom came back they joined in too and we ended up having a lovely night,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The smaller package

The smaller package was the more exciting one. I new what was in it, but it was still exciting to open.

I’d managed to pick up a copy of Wipeout Pulse. The Last Wipeout to be made for the PS2 and not easy to get. Well not a price I’m willing to pay. Will it be any good?

Well 2 how's later I was still saying wow!

Yes it is good, graphic smoooth and wonderful. And the gameplay just right. In fact a bit hard for me but hats the challange.

It has all the characteristics of Wipeout HD on the PS3, some of the sounds and great music.

Wow I’m so glade I got to play this one.

And play it I did.

If I could only get off the first level. Can I???

Just one more go then.

Ah at last. Not all golds though, now I’m sure that would disappoint Zoe…

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What could it be

Get home and I have two parcels today.

I open the Fed Ex parcel and someone has been careful with the packing

I can’t wait

Err isn’t this well packed.

Its my Duragloss valeting set. Now I can finish cleaning my car before the long journey

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There is no Snow White


After falling asleep last night not making it to the end of Salmon Fishing in Yemen, I was hoping for something better tonight from this film I remember seeing the trailer to in the cinema. The Seven Psychopaths, a film about one or is it three psychopaths that was made into seven. There is definitely no Snow White involved.


Nice cast which worked well but the film? Well its odd, not gripping but watchable, just. The idea of the film though I like.


And its idea of the film which you only get once near the end that makes it worth watching, but you probably won’t believe me until you get there yourself.

Beware Children


I look out of the window and see an impressive rainbow to brighten up the day. From work I go for a swim and then head home.


Following my chlorination session, I ponder what to do, now that I have finished Silent Hill 2. I do some banking and then conisder ebay. I get 2 64MB for my PS2’s. Wow these cards are big, the normal ones are 8MB.


And then I win another game, a recommended must have to the collection Marvel V’s Capcom. Obviously a fighting game so not really my type of game but I hope it will be good, it was cheap. I played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for 15 minutes before considering…


Renewing my travel and snowboarding insurance. How much do they want for the renewal. I flick the tabs and adjust hoping to tweek up a better deal. But if I want the off piste option included I have to opt for Max adventure. Well it covers plenty of stuff I’ll just grin and bear it and press accept. Now where is that flexible friend when you need them.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sore everywhere


So I went to bed at about 19:10 last night. I wake up and still feel ropey. Its one of those bad days at work as well. Can you believe it, a day you have to think. And my blisters hurt.


I’m so glad when its dinner time. Will I make it to home time. This is the second week running. I must learn to behave myself. During the dinner hour my and collegue look at the Dark Art Beer I was drinking. Oh my good it was 6% and I had ten!


I went for a swim after work and that made me feel so much more human. And in the post I’d had a parcel. The Brotherhood of Steel. Now I wonder what this will be like.


I settle in with the cat and have another early night. I’ll finish Silent Hill 2 tomorrow night.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I didn’t see that coming

Back at home I spent a bit of time playing Silent Hill 2 once more. Another part of the story and here we are

putting the video into the VCR in the hotel room

what are we going to see?

Oh my, oh my

He killed her, now I didn’t see that coming……

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

All was quiet in the house.Well I’m guessing that actually. All I heard was “Uncle Andrew why are you still in bed? Its twelve O’Clock” . I looked and there was two small children looking at me eagerly. Out came the toys and the reading books and I was most definitetly getting up.

I didn’t want to, I didn’t feel like I should, but the house hold apart from me had been up for some considerable time. I went down stairs and Maddie greated me with a cup of tea. “Do you know what time you pair got in last night?” “Er No, Were we Quiet?”. “No not really, around 2am there was a lot of banging of doors and noise down stairs.” “at 2am!” I exclaimed. I thought know wonder I want to be in bed. Matt looked at me and said your lucky I was up at 7am, we’ve been shopping and I’ve cooked Sunday lunch it will be ready in ten minutes. I go and play with he children we can all go to the naught step together that way.

I played Hey Their My Fish with Hattie, who did very well to concentrate on the rules and playing, even though she continually tried to change them. More worrying was the fact she beat me with her score of 42 to mine of 39 ;). Counting the fish though was helping her with well counting. From here we went to the allotment. I put my furry wellie boots on and got dug in with Maddie and Hattie whilst Poade tried to sleep on the Sofa.

He did eventually come and help though. Maddies soil is so much easier to dig than Zoe’s though. I’d like to say it was a breeze but it wasn’t!

So much got done and most of it was done by Hattie!

I think we should stop now Nack. So do I, I have blisters on my hands mate.

And so after a relax and a cup of tea it was time to pack my bag and leave the room that always reminds me of a yatch. Good bye fairwell.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 AM Eternal

Right before we go any further with this post lets step back in time to Tuesday, and an email to and from Matt Poade whihc made more sense than my later texts to Alan (apparently). Here I put it to him that I would rather be in bed by 2AM than 5AM. And he reckons it will be by Midnight – or and get this as I read into “when last orders are anyway”! erm

I arrive at Matt and Maddies and consider instantly going to bed. Well it looked so comfy. Instead I got to play with Izzy, that was until Maddy and Hattie returned from a party, then I got to play with them both.

Matt and myself got a taxi into Brum and enjoyed a long journey and talk with the taxi driver, whilst Poade confirmed we had no idea where we wanted to be dropped off and the taxi driver didn’t know either. Nack we live in a order of mobile phones, we will be alright. Sometime latter we end up in the pedestrian street behind the Alexander Theatre and that's where we want to be.

We enter Brew Dog and Gavin, Neil and Sprog are already there. We get drinking and Poade has a Punk IPA whilst I try something different a 5am Eternal I think. It is nice.

A couple of pints later

I convince them to move onto The Victoria, a bar next to the Erotica Bar ;) – not that we go :(

We manage to get some seats which here is a miracle here.

At the bar I had plummed for Dark Art. Are you sure asked the barman. Yes why wouldn’t I be. Would you like a taster. Nope. Well its like Guinness he told me or cold coffee. I got one anyway, a trail weather I wanted it or not. Yep I’ll have that thanks. There was something I hadn’t clocked about this drink and may have been why I later noticed nobody else seemed to be drinking it.


The second pint of it came in a proper beer glass. The talking flowed and so did the beer. Wow Nack your very brave wearing that white shirt. Erm I though he is right with this brew.

Alan would like it here.

He could read the comics on the wall.

When the others left for the train, Poade and a wobbly me hit the dance floor. I danced with the best looking girl in the place and then thought, this isn't the girl I truly want to dance with. I stopped dancing and we parted company. I can’t say I liked the music there that much but every now and again there would be a tune I would really enjoy, and me and Matt would swing from the upstairs music room to the downstairs one, hoping to hear a classic tune. From here on I don’t remember and its because of that brew.

Poade wanted something to eat, we went past the Famous Mr Egg, which I was surprised to see still going. They seem to have branched out now though from only doing egg based food items.

We ended up at Mr Poades favourite Chinese that wouldn’t let us eat in as they wanted to close. So we order it to go and had another beer whilst we sat down.

Poade was loving it.

Out we went to get a taxi and zp we where in one.

back at Poades

And ready to eat oh it smelt so good.

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious, I’m so sure we were being quiet.

Then it was all gone.

tonight I was going to dream of bananas…..


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