Monday, March 31, 2014

More Trees To Climb


Alan had notice on my last batch of snowboarding photos in La Toussuire that Ben Moor’s “More Trees To Climb” book has been making random appearances. I didn’t think he actually looked at them. Even more bizarrely was a message from Ben Moor himself! What neither of them know is there may well be more of these lurking randomly around Winking smile in some odd places. A very well travelled book signed by himself and Alan and Zoe and much a prized possession.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Day After Last Night


The next morning I get up at the crack of dawn, put the roof down and go to Cannock. Yes I’m feeling well rough but I need to go to the bank. The fresh air perks me up a bit and I park the car for any occasion in a disabled spot. Luckily I haven't needed to bring the wheel chair with me on this occasion. I visit the bank and get my mom a card for mothers day.


I latter meet the family at The Barns like arranged to have meal with the Family for Mothers Day rather than doing it on Mothers Day. I feel terrible but smile throughout the best I can.


I get home home and go to bed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

When It Hit


Friday started as it always did with a fry up. Yummy, a nice treat after all that salad all week.


Steve has a new android phone so I show him how to use it and it actually needs his telephone company to send some settings to get it working. They set it up and away we go. We are looking casual as its Mufti day!


I stay behind work late and talk with some of the others. We eat some of the cakes that are left over, they are so yummy.


It is however time for the weekend to start so off we go.


On the way home I call at Dunelm in Cannock to get my mom a mothers day present. I go off the idea of getting her the ceramic frying an know that she would much rather have a set of mugs with poppies on to add to her collection. I leave the store feeling tired and thinking I’ll get her a card in the morning. I get home and that tiredness in the matter of fifteen minutes changes to, I need to go straight to bed I don’t feel well – and that was Friday night. Just how ill I was going to be I hadn’t planned on.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Its No Good


Its no good none of these seven pairs of trousers fit any more. Even with a belt extra tight they keep falling down. So its out of the wardrobe with them. But what should I do with them???


Of course I could just eat more.

Some Say Nothing


They say men don’t talk on the phone, and too true I’d rather do it in the pub. However sometimes its nice to here someones voice. Having given up ring Alan to only just hear him I called Les and we had a natter for 3/4 of an hour. God knows what about but we did.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chips and Chilli Sauce


I leave the gym and I’m tired and ravished. I really really fancy chips shop chips with hot hot hot chilli saude all over them. I call home on the off chance they may have done my tea. I the third attempt I get someone ot answer the phone. Yes they have done me some dinner. Dam, Dam, Dam.


And look whats come in the post for me tonight.


I put it on have a go and laugh. Oh hw far things have come.

Melting the internet wire


Exciting I know, there all down loaded now at last. I can use the internet again properly yay.


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Monday, March 24, 2014

On the case


Back at home and on with collecting the space parts. I’ve decided that driving isn’t helping so lets fly.


I park on the bridge structure and loose my rotors.


I consider ending it all, right now.


But there’s so much to see that I haven't seen,


Eventually though I park up for the night and switch on off.

eight owe one


On Sunday morning at 08:01 it would appear I must have woken up, gone on Amazon and ordered something as it arrived the next day even though #i used supersaver option.


What that box was full of was Lisa Jewell. It’s been long time since I’ve read a Lisa Jewell book and in fact I hadn’t realised she’d brought any more books out. So it looks like I ordered them up ready to put on my pile of not yet books. ITs getting taller and taller.


And what did I read that night? Retro Gamer that came had also come through the post today.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time to meet our maker


My brother comes round and helps me play Dead or Alive 5. Now I really like this fighting game more than any other.


I can’t quiet put my finger on why but there's something really good about this game which is making me consider getting some of the download content.


I steal my dads Hudle and put on the GTAV guide. Its time to meet our maker.


Its time to see those from outer space.


And to do this we must first collect all 50 parts of space debris. So on with the hunt and I drive with so much style.


We even visit the UFO area.


Many hours latter we are half way there. My eyballs hurt….


Its been a hard day.

Getting out


I get up Sunday, do some mathematics and then take my mom to the new Dunelm Mills store in Cannock.


We buy loads of things we do not need and then


head next door to the New Pound Land, where we buy lots of things we do not need.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Struggled to the End


Saturday night I settled into my sofa with my bottle of Martini Rosso. I was about to play The Last of Us Left Behind. I’d got to a part where I had tried retried and retried. Only to die as I’ve got 4 bow and 3 bullets. And there masses of people come to kill you. I held no hope and was considering having to go backwards and redo a section.


I slowly worked a path out that allowed me to get further and further with little ammo. But then there was more and more people, thrown in with the key helpful thing.


Clickers and Zombies which I encouraged to kill the enemy people. This section was hard, very hard, in fact for me almost too hard and then.


It was over. It was so hard because it was the end! Oh no this was all too short. Way too short. I wasn’t expecting that! I wanted more more more more. Well it was a challenge and I struggled until the end, but my did I enjoy that last struggle.


Skoda Nut


Whilst the weather turned bitterly cold I waited for my cousin to come round as she want to go and look at some cars. She ideally fancied a Skoda Fabia. Erm I ponder, I would have thought this would have been too small for her growing family. Besides that this is not one of the cars I would have personally picked even with the good engine.


We tried 3 Skoda Fabia’s and car one certainly did not impress me or her. And by the third these were now definitely off the list. Basic or what. I wouldn’t consider one of those ever again. Amongst all the cars we sat in and we sat in a vast many The Hyundai i30 seemed to be the best that we both liked.


However I can say I know nothing of the Hyundai or if they are any good. So we left with the sales people asking did you seeing anything you liked of the 2000 cars we had sir. No we didn’t,I replied. So a job well done. What my cousin wanted she now doesn’t and she is looking at a Hyundai i30 instead. See I’m not a total Skoda nut.

Another 10K


The box of goodies came from AVS Car Parts to service the Skoda.


The morning was nice so I got my rags on and went outside to sort her out.


Off with the engine cover.


But before we do the engine bits


Out with the old pollen filter and in with the new one.


Next it is out with the air filter for the engine.


Out with the old air filter and in with the new one.


Next was the oil filter


Out with the old one


All dark and yucky


Put the new one in the holder and into the filter housing.


Next was the fuel filter and this always buggers up starting my car afterward. But it has to be done.


Undo the hoses and clips and take it out.


And refit the new one.


And so out with the old oil.


And in with VAG’s own brand Quantum oil for PD engines.


Cover back on and under tray and we are


ready for another 10,000 miles.



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