Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Storage needed.


Today I have sorted out me bike baggage issues. Being a suspension bike you can’t put a pannion set on I know of so here you go.


Two simple handle bar bags mounted on the back


I know truly wicked for those important weather proof jackets etc.

Never Live Woman Smith


Personaly I like my blog where I can write my own digital diary for those to peek what I get up to and share “some” information that is useful and some that is not. And whilst the ever changing facebook keeps up with the demands of the ever changing world today, the sheep keep flocking to shepard but this blog doesn’t force anything on anyone unless they themselves come looking for it. It might be old fashioned, it may be a pain to write compared to the instantmatic ways of social media today, but when I write something about something it stays here, until I decide to remove it.  Afterall Deadmanjones it you who inspired me write my own websites all those years ago and now whilst there is just no need, the internet will do it all for you quiet simply – one wonders why bother? So like everything else in life now why don’t we sit back and graze on the fresh grass that the online world feeds us. baaaaaahh.

Of course your blog wouldn’t let me leave a comment on your blog so I left it here.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who wants to live for ever anyway?


I settle in for the night and decided not to watch Glastonbury but a fairy tale story.


Not that I knew the film was going to be a fairy tale story.


Or how the film was going to pan out.


But now the beginning made sense


And not everyone wanted to live forever but to live life to the full for today


Yeah I enjoyed.

The Novadry Experience


This morning I got up and the jacket no longer smelt chemically. So I thought I’d check out the results. I put it in the shower and yes its now waterproof again.


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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sore Friday


I get up and my mouth ulcers are really sore, in particular this one


Ouch. Loads of pineapple juice and slices last night helped but its agonising again this morning.


I head tot he car and take a quick look at the happy plants. They are really growing now


Sometime later at my desk I put down my survival kit and


head for breakfast. Not the usual breakfast I have this morning but two bacon and egg sandwiches. The day goes by quickly enough. At diner time I have the pineapple slices and head off out to find out where the solicitors office is after I had called them. Its some 25minutes away from work in time, but not far away located right next to the railway station in Sutton Coldfeild. I could probably get the train from work to here and back quicker.


I have a good chat with someone at work after five who had brought a house recently and chatted about their holiday at the Lake District they had last week. Before you knew it, 7pm had gone and I thought I may as well go home. But I didn’t. I went to Decathlon at junction 9 and went shopping for something. But I decided against it and instead brought some waterproofer. Novadry. Hopefully this will work better than that Granger water proofer stuff I brought in Scotland from Blacks, and this was only £3.99.


I give it a dam good spray. Now to leave it to hang for 12 hours. Mind the house now smells chemically and I’m high as a kite.


I settler in and put on GTA V to play online, but for some reason I can’t connect with the others Sad smile


By the time we do connect, I can’t keep my eyes open and fall asleep on the sofa. Time for bed then…..


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing The Angel


I’ve changed my social logo apart from my blogger. Just thought time for a change as some of them are different. So now only going to have two. This and the original.


It didn’t take Alan long to spot where I had stolen it from.


But then I love Anton Corbjins art work, it is truly inspirational and satisfying in a pure dark deepness that craves creativity from with the depths of ones own mind.


This Marking Point of Where A New Tree Climb Begins……..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thankgod He’s not in the Forces


My belly maybe full but the belly of the car isn’t. So before I go to work I fill up on this fine sunny morning.


Luckily the office is cool for a change with all the windows wide open. So cool that I put my jumper on!


I go to the gym after work and work out hard. Then I go round Mr Poades on the way home. He doesn’t seen me sneak up to the front window.


And then you should have seen the fright on his face when I tapped the window. Thankgod he’s not in the forces or anything, we’d be screwed.


Its his birthday and we had a good chat after not seeing each other for a long time. It was good to catch up and later I played the angle Winking smile.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Filled Up


So they closed the motorway on the way from work. Brillant! Just on the day I wanted to get home on time for once. I get changed at home and head to the Harrows pub and meet up with the others in the beer garden.


Once we have all arrived we head indoors and settle in for tea. Hopefully we are in for a treat.


The starters come out and Les starts straight away on his Deep fried Brie.


I go for something far more healthy. Yummy yummy dried pig blood.


There’s a long wait for the 9 main meals, but when they come we are ready. Les’s seabass.


My T-Bone steak, which I haven't had for years and it tasted divine.


And they were off.


There was no stopping those with empty tummies.


And as the quizz I'm the Bridge was about to start everyone left without a pudding Sad smile Wow that was nice.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Home Economics


Sunday is a beautiful sunny day. And I start it indoors reading my new Retro Gamer magazine


Eating Chilli and Lime crisps


And enjoying Girly Gamer video’s on YouTube. If you think I’ve got retro gaming problems she is far far far more enthusiastic and devoted to the course. (click above)

There’s loads of them!


A visit to the pound shop got me these and also I had to pop into Dunlem to get some sewing stuff.


You see when I took my top drown this morning the roof split.


And its either £500 for a new roof or I spent 5 hours sewing it up the best I could.


It doesn’t look great but is functional and at present this is the way its going to stay.


For the most part of it know one else will ever know by the time I’ve finished. And then I helped my dad repair the garage door. After all these years he’s now only just decided to do it!


The evening I spent with Rog & Phil looking at mortgages, Life Insurance, Building insurance and all the others until we were all overwhelmed with information. Then we settled down and enjoyed the Grandprix in the comfort of his fabulous New Home.


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