Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alone Journey


I get up with Alan and Zoe with them saying weren’t you meant to have gone by now? I should have but staying up late and having a beer stopped me.


I leave them, go round the corner to the car and look at the fuel gauge. I’m going to have to fill her now or nearer Glasgow. I go round the corner to where the nearest fuel stop is. Looking at the price being a couple of pence high - Hell I’m not paying that I think and drive on. The next time I decide to get fuel Google is telling me there is an ASDA at the Trafford centre. I’m heading there, and besides my bladder is already saying empty me. I see the BP garage but no ASDA. It has a coffee bean store so its bound to have a toilet. I stop look at the price for the fuel and shriek. £1.45! hells double bells. I consider putting a tenner in but then rethink that this tank full will last me to the hotel tonight and then Edinburgh the next day. I fill it, go in the pay and ask if there is a toilet. No he tells me! No way I’m nearly weeing up his counter. He tell me there is one at the bus station though. Where that I ask. now this he must have thought strange. He gave me directions and I said? Do I need to drive it? “No its right there just park you car up here”. I get into the car move it to the area he told me got out and looked up. Doh the bus station is right here in front of me! I’m in the toilets before you know it. aghhhhhhh.


I like the journey up to Scotland. I never seem to forget the journey details although I now only come up here once a year. All those weekends I used to drive up to Edinburgh on a Friday night have obviously stuck in my head.


Before you know it I’m nearly at T-bay


And I stop for my bladder once more


And just to let the fans of Tee bay know on facebook. Mainly because I know everyone wanted to know I wanted the toilet.


Just before Glasgow there is a big big crash and we are stationary for some time. I was expecting some delays because of the Common Wealth games but not this.


As it happens there is no traffic in the center due to the Common Wealth games, in fact its quiet. I have made it in time to meet the girl I’d arranged for dinner – normally I’m never on time so was amazing, what could go wrong.


After a bite to eat I’m on my way north again and heading over the bridge. I look at my watch and consider the fact I have time to take it leisurely from here on


So leisurely in fact that I stop at Hellensbrough, take a stroll and do some shopping.


The sea front is nice and I go in and out of the charity shops picking up a game or two on the way and some PS 1 and 2 games as well.


I move on following the coast road and enjoying the ever changing views


I stop here and there an look around


Scotland is so beautiful


Eventually I come to Inverary


I look at my watch once more and decide I have time to stop here too.


I pick up some post cards and one particular one with Scotland written on it I want to send to someone special.


And then wander around the loch side


I looks so inviting.


I finish off the journey and


get ready for a beer at the Galley of Lorne


I park up and empty the car, apart from the mobility scooter, that stays in there.


I go to the reception desk and ring the bell. Someone comes and greets me, gives me the keys and shows me the rooms.


I settle in, have a shower and consider going for that beer.


Its still changeable outside but in the bar it is comfortable, I settle down with the barman and have a good chat. Then he hears the bell and says thats the rest of your party here then. I tell him I’ll go and sort it out if he pulls a few pints and head to the reception.


I help them with their bags, many many bags that is, mainly all my moms.


And then head into the bar with my brother and Les. I get the beers that have been left on the bar and show Les the games I have collected. He is not impressed with the idea of the Tequila game, although when we open it up the game itself looks decent and has never been played with. I push all the cardboard tokens out of their cards.


Next out of the bag is Dragonology and by now we are already on beer number 3.


I open it up. Wow


And look at all these figures.


Out comes the board and the instructions. But to be frank I’m too merry to read them already by now.


And there are so many beers to be dank.


We keep going with them, until it is time to meet my parents at the table I booked for dinner.


Oh how I looked forward to a meal here.


I don’t have any of the exceptional tasting meals. In fact to start with I have the patty.


And good old haddock and chips


And although I’m full I have a dessert too.


Then we had after dinner drinks and talked to Chris the bar tender for many more hours. He is good with whiskey and the knowledge of it, and Rob and Les don’t believe me when I tell them that Irn Bru and Whiskey is not only nice but also a proper Scottish drink that is acceptable – back to my weekends in Edinburgh. He pours one and they try it saying it is awful. I know it is not though having had many many drinks of it before. However I stick to beer to the distress of Chris but says he understands that I don’t actually like whiskey.


My brother and Les though do him proud and eventually the manager of the hotel joins us until bed time time, which turns out to bed very later. Ah bed its been a lone long journey to get here.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Car packed with mobility scooter I have got to consider where I’m going to put my luggage? I get to work and have my Friday breakfast today instead. Two of my favourite work friends join me, or was it I joined them as they seem to be going every day now.


9 hours latter I’m outside the park with an owl. I drop my bags into the room I’m staying in, I then close the front door lock it and head around to Matts house. Matt is ready for a beer and we walk around to the Blossom’s. Matt hasn’t been here for ages. The drinks flow, and chitter chatter too, At some point in the night Alan turns up. Me and Matt are pretty merry now and we stay way longer than perhaps I was anticipating. It was nice though being together chatting away.


Eventually Matt decides to go home. And myself and Alan leave a few minutes latter. “We should go for a curry” says Alan. I know he’s taking the mick but he actually looks serious. “how about a Luiggi pizza instead?” I say. As we head to the pizza shop we can see a thin figure in the shop. “I bet that’s Matt” says Alan.


Amazingly enough he wasn’t wrong! It was Matt. And so we had loads of pizza but the pizza man now knew exactly who was vegetarian and who was not. We went back to home and settled in with Zoe. I know we should have gone to bed earlier but hay we didn’t! I love my friends here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relax and enjoy


When I wake up it is late, around 11:30. Everyone has had breakfast. Some people have gone. I get asked if I was kept awake by the noise when they all came back to the tents around the camping area and had the stereo on. Nope – I slept all through the shenanigans.


And get washed and changed and we start to decamp.


The weather is so good, so very very good. What shall we do for the rest of the day.


As it happens the Chadkirk Festival is on. And so we head that way. We are directed into a car park.


And then head for brief walk.


The last time we were here together Les was also here.


But no something has changed


They have built a bridge across the river and so you can now go walking much much further. And whilst that idea didn’t really appeal to me.


Alan and Zoe were over the moon by the idea!


We head back on ourselves to where the festival was actually taking place.


An on our way admired some wood carving that had been done.


Inparticular one of a wood pecker.


Whooo touchy touchy.


Whilst for some reason Alan didn’t want his photo taken with Nack.


We walked into the festival via the wonderful gardens they had growing


Enjoyed the various birds they had on display.


The enlightening statues


And things from out of this world.


Including the bee’s. Did you know they are not of this planet but where brought here by someone or something. Hence when the bees go. so does life as we know it.


And with this set in mind the band start playing


And we listen


Then we shop and eat, and drink some tea, before heading the green where there are displays happening.


It is so warm and cosy and me and Zoe settle down somewhere.


Can you spot us? We are on the front row.


As the festival draws to an end we leave and head back to Alan's favourite place.


The place where the road to life ends for him.


But for the plants and flowers and vegatbles


this is where the Bee’s are happiest.


Zoe shows me some wood.


The bee’s though, the bee’s we must look after the bee’s.


And with that Zoe begins to think I’ve gone mad and takes me back to her home.


So Nack, have I got a game for you. And you are going to enjoy this. Mancala a game so simple


That its great and addictive.


Oh course I “let” Zoe win as many times as I can.


That way she might come me some tea. Well Alan did actually! We just played games in the delight of the back garden


Underneath that mad mad mad monkey tree.


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