Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ice bucket challenge Sunday


Sunday I wake up quiet early. But then I was desperate for the toilet and had to knock Zoe out of the bathroom. Luckily I managed to be in there just in time, hell I was suffering from water retention. Must have something to do with all this camping mornings and not wanting to go to the toilet block in the cold.


We mooched around a bit and then I went to the allotment to meet Zoe. I watered her green house plants and eventually she appeared from the allotment meeting she had been too that had over run.


We went back to the house with some harvest and had lunch, and then went to his Dad’s to say goodbye as he was off on his hilidays to Aussieland. The whole family was there. Wow he has a good view from his flat! From there we went to the Stockport festival, listened to some music, and had a sit down in the cafe opposite the market.


We have some drinks and listen to a keyboard rapper.


Admire the sellotape statues


which were lacking fairy lights. Scott turns up with his children and then


a show was about to start.


A man who was about to do the ice bucket challenge, only in a far more impressive and dangerous manner than seen on facebook.


For he was going to do it from the top of a pole but first some of this


some of that


and then he puts the bucket under the pole, his swimming cap on and his goggles.


By the time he got to the top this time he was exhausted!


And then


are you ready….


Sploooooosh head first into the bucket he goes.


and survives!


We head back to Alan and Zoƫ's and play with the new back window


Yes it made of glass and I can see you!


Alan make us all some tea and then we settle down and play some GTAV. Zoe dad delivers a cupboard that they have won on ebay and there is some re-arranging of the plates. Her dad says you staying longer still Nack?


He is right I like it here too much, and I go home happily

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Playing with Dragons


Alan wakes me up at 11:30 saying something like get up smell the bacon. I’d rather not really my head hurts and I haven't been in bed long mate. Once washed I dig up a plant with Alan, he picks the most awkward one and then I try and get mine and Georges brains working with Mancala. Simple and soothing. Zoe’s having none of being left out and joins in.


I do some very important banking on my laptop and then


out comes the dragon game!


right how do we play this then?


but I’m not looking at him, but the cake.


the characters are brought out


the board is set up and the games starts.


What happens now Zoe?


And the rules are re-read yet again.


and what happens now Zoe?


many, many many hours latter, a very simple game ends and takeaways are ordered.


Doctor Who comes on and we all snuggle up on the sofa. After that we watch Scott Pilgram Vs the World and then everyone but me and Alan goes to bed. Do you want to watch some Tom Baker Dr Who Nack, I know he’s your favourite doctor. Go on then. Some time later the eposide seems to finish. “ohh did it finish alan?” I ask. “No it didn’t you feel asleep” he said “come on its bed time”. Life is nice, Life is good.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Eye Really Really Really


With nothing happening with the house this weekend I contact Alan to say I can make the Foodie Friday night afterall. I pack last thing, remember to throw my laptop in and head off to work for a full breakfast to keep me going until the night.


As things go I was flying up the M6 until Stoke when I was on the phone to Matt and coming up to the junction. Did I need to get off? I ended the call to get Google maps back up by then it was too late I’d gone off the junction I normally get off at and low and behold things got very bad. I got off at the next junction and just before Congelton things got even worse – now I had been station for a while? An accident? No just some temporary traffic lights. Thankgod for bladder training.


I arrive at Alan and Zoe’s and go tot he toilet. What a relief. I call Matt at nearly eight o'clock who tells me he is going to drive down to town as it is raining and he is going to work in the morning anyway so doesn't want to drink much. I get changed and put in my wet weather contact lenses and hang around outside. Has he fallen asleep again? Eventually he appears zooming to a halt. I climb in we steam up!


a while latter we are parked up near the church and head on in. and whilst I can’t wait for a burger for we head to high Peak Beers first. An AKA IPA for me and a after a long decision Matt selects one to. We head have a look around and see no one so go and stand next to the gig stage where its loud and try to call them from there. Erm no response. Well to the food stalls and there's a whole host of them to choose from this time! We walk up and down and whilst Matt goes to Cama Curry I order some sort of luxury burger cooked to order. A long wait latter and my burger is cooked and I’m ravenous. And here is Matt without food. What do you mean the queue was too long? I ask him if he want the burger to be cut in half but he lets me eat it. We roll on down to the main congregation area and there is everyone including the girl with most adorable smile.


Some time later the heavens open up even more and the table cover is not good enough. Matt calls it a night and we all get up and head into Bakers, like so so many other people, creating a crowded buzzing atmosphere and a very wet patch under our table from Zoe’s handbag. What has she got in there? The night spins away and the company is the best. Alan goes out to the bank and I get him to get me some cash whilst he is out in the wetness of the night, whilst people are falling over in the wet puddle that Zoe has created inside the pub. The barmaid comes over and asks why we can’t keep it in our glasses and are pouring it all over the floor? Eventually Rosie and Scott get ready to depart in a taxi and I say a goodnight to the girl with the most beautiful smile who's company I have enjoyed for most of the night. For the rest of us the night continues for a while in bakers until it actually stops raining – and then we leave. On leaveing the door and heading across the square Zoe tries to get a taxi and they all drive off quickly seeing her happily wandering down the road towards them. I don’t blame them. I grab her hand and we walk on through Stockport until we get to Tasty Fish. Here I let her hand go in preference for some chips and spicy chicken wings. The others disappear whilst Darren and Alan wait with me for the chicken wings to be cooked. And when they come they are the very best chicken wings I’ve eve tasted. they truly are. We finish our chips and head back to Alan and Zoes, where more beer is drank, some GATV is played and Nack suddenly spots the clock is saying 4:50am. Hell its time to get up soon! That's it I’m off to bed in case Alan has some random idea to wake me up at 7:30am again and off upstairs I went to dream very nice things.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burning it off


I have to go to the gym, hell I had all that food last night. I look at my body and dream that this is going to do me some good.


When I get home something big has happened. Its real big, as in huge. Its bigger than my head. How is such a small stalk holding it up? Wow I think, amazing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Big Bang


Today is a great day, as today my brother is yet another year older than me which makes me feel much younger.


And so the family gather for a meal out our favourite hunt


The Barns.


Most of us had the delouse patty.


And some chicken dish for my main course.


And even though I was full I just couldn’t resist the Eton Mess Cheese cake, although I’m sure my belly was most definitely about to explode.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Collection Service


The next morning I get up for work shattered from the evening before. I needed to take the trailer to work and hell I couldn’t get the pad lock off it my dad had put on. I went through all the keys, Lubricated the lock and then finally got my dad out of bed to sort it out. I guess he wasn’t pleased but then he couldn’t get it unlocked either, and said he’d had trouble with it the last time he wanted to get it off! Brilliant the clock is ticking. Out comes the grinder and off comes the lock. I hitch the trailer the car and head to work. After work I cross the city centre of Birmingham with the trailer on bypassing the closed tunnels and heading to Matt Poades in Harborne. I come to their road a one way road with cars parked bumper to bumper on the roadside. I ponder how I’m going to park up? And as I pull out side their house I reach for the hazard lights and stop the traffic. I unhitch the trailer and push it onto the pavement and consider where I’m going to put the car. I manage to squeeze it at an angle before heading on in and briefly seeing Matt and Maddy. Poade laughs at the arrange I have left the car car and trailer in whilst we go and get the chest of draws. So far things were going well. They it started to rain!. With the chester draws in the trailer and the trailer re-hitched causing traffic issues, again I’m off to my friends in Stafford to start to fill his garage. Once we have had a good natter I head over to my brothers and collect his bag for the weekend. By the time I am home its dark and late, I now need to pack my bag for tomorrow, unhitch the trailer, get the bike rack out, get the camping gear out and actually pack for myself. I leave the hitching of the bike rack, putting the bike on the rack and a small amount of packing for the morning – I manage to do most of it before closing my eyes. Boy I’m tired.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Door Service


After watering the cactus using a bucket, I get in my car and head towards Stockport.


A day dream or too and I’m at the Park with an Owl.


I get my tent out of the bag and head into the eerily quiet Alan and Zoes and drop the tent off in their hall way.


I nip to the bank and Alan gives me a call “I’m watching you he says”. But hell its from a distance. I tell him I’ll leave the money in the tent bag and he asks if the builders have finish and something about a box of cakes in the kitchen. On my return to their house I can see the new patio doors have a safety bar feature that you only see on non ground floor flats. Its actually electrical conduit, so if you ever want to go outside you have to do a limbo dance.


The new kitchen window looks great, the kitchen is brighter and now you can see down the garden, Excellent.


And whats this? They look like they are for the builders. But it looks like they haven't been. Did Alan say one was for me. A second latter I considered that if they had been here all day any way the cream would be curdling. So munch munch, a lick of the lips and one had gone. I leave the money in the tent, close the door and give Matt a call.


Matt is in and he’s tells me its Okay to come round have a cup of tea and have some chips around his, and er no he doesn’t want anything – oh then again he does! I nip to the Davenport chippy and get 2 bags before heading on round. But hey I was in for a wonderful surprise once I’d knocked the door, for the beautiful Rosie opened it complete with her wonderful smile, this was the start of a lovely evening.


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