Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ice bucket challenge Sunday


Sunday I wake up quiet early. But then I was desperate for the toilet and had to knock Zoe out of the bathroom. Luckily I managed to be in there just in time, hell I was suffering from water retention. Must have something to do with all this camping mornings and not wanting to go to the toilet block in the cold.


We mooched around a bit and then I went to the allotment to meet Zoe. I watered her green house plants and eventually she appeared from the allotment meeting she had been too that had over run.


We went back to the house with some harvest and had lunch, and then went to his Dad’s to say goodbye as he was off on his hilidays to Aussieland. The whole family was there. Wow he has a good view from his flat! From there we went to the Stockport festival, listened to some music, and had a sit down in the cafe opposite the market.


We have some drinks and listen to a keyboard rapper.


Admire the sellotape statues


which were lacking fairy lights. Scott turns up with his children and then


a show was about to start.


A man who was about to do the ice bucket challenge, only in a far more impressive and dangerous manner than seen on facebook.


For he was going to do it from the top of a pole but first some of this


some of that


and then he puts the bucket under the pole, his swimming cap on and his goggles.


By the time he got to the top this time he was exhausted!


And then


are you ready….


Sploooooosh head first into the bucket he goes.


and survives!


We head back to Alan and Zoƫ's and play with the new back window


Yes it made of glass and I can see you!


Alan make us all some tea and then we settle down and play some GTAV. Zoe dad delivers a cupboard that they have won on ebay and there is some re-arranging of the plates. Her dad says you staying longer still Nack?


He is right I like it here too much, and I go home happily

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