Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trimming the bush


I take a new route to the station which is basically the route I took home last night which is right through the shopping centre. Its not quite as quick but I prefer it.


The train comes as usual


And I get a seat. But today I also decide to try a different route to work by going into Birmingham New Street and then coming out.


I let Pink Girl know and get this rather worrying message. Erm I’ll have to check the T and C’s when I get at my desk. Well its too late now there no more stops between here and New Street.


I reach New Street and change platform. It feels like a long time since I’d been here last in the underground cavern.


And I get my train to Aston.


i reach my destination without being caught.


I get the 5:05pm train home again, in case I get that work done outside my house.


But also to call into


the library. Here according to Cannock Chase Council there is a stash of cycling route maps and



the Library is open until 7pm tonight.


I have a wander around and in the end go and ask someone.


“Cycling route maps??” They look at me puzzled. “The council web site says you have them here”. “We do?”" Perhaps they are in the information display” And you know what they were. Lots of them. And whilst there I joined the Library, not that I don’t have a large enough pile of books to read at home already.


I get home and look at the maps, Well there a lot of them and the maps are good. But what they are telling you is, bollox to cyclists.


There is evidence the parents have been round.


And in the kitchen to. Nothing in the house appears to have changed though.


Outside though I have gained some plant. They l;look better.


And so on with the outside job of cutting this hedge back. Now I want the hedge, but its taking up a lot of drive area I need for my long car. So I get on with it.


And by the time I’ve cut it back, its dark.There was so much of it. A neighbour from the far end comes and talks to me for a long while. He is a Skoda lover too.


This of course left a mess at the bottom and lots and lots of litter that has blown under it over the years I guess. That will need tidying up along with the trimming of the bush to make it look half descent. It is now very twiggy.


The left overs fill the bin and


I have lots and lots left over! Time for tea and bed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

No more Streaming


Monday came all too quickly like it does. And wqhilst Alan thinks I don’t listen to a word he says he is wrong. At dinner time I log onto Amazon and cancel my streaming of Prime Video. It has gone so so so down hill since it parted life as Love Film. The disc I’m still going to have delivered to my door mind but this cuts the price of the service right down.


I get the 5:05om train home in the hope to get some work done outside the house.


And then it started to rain. Luckliy for me I brought a 99p umbrella from the 99p shop Pink Girl told me about. And she was right it is better than the pound shop. Better laid out, less crowded and 1p cheaper too!


Well the weather doesn’t improve, infact it becomes quite misty to the point its hard to see the pub let alone the fish and chip shop.


So instead of working outside I work inside setting up the home network and router. Its no longer down stairs but up in the small spare room – now know as retro room. Of course whilst I’ll now get a signal in the back garden, I have no signal in the front room because of the solid walls. So I get the naff netgear extender out and try it in various locations. Oddly it seems to work far better with the BT router than with the Netgear router I have!


I sort out the woring and a timer so that the system isn’t on all the time.


And then I sort out getting the telephone signal into the room.


And getting it from this point to that point involves lifting the carpet up that's bugging me from the smell.


As it happens though the Bissell has done a good job cleaning the carpet. Its the underlay that smells. I have brought two bottle of shack and vac and put it on to leave on for a few days.


There is an instant improvement. And can you believe it its time for bed already!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Garden Guests


I wake up quite early in fact. I yeah I don’t feel great but not as bad as I expect. I get breakfast for us both, which half way through I decide to clean the kitchen window from top to bottom. My brother gives the frying pan a poke, and I get down and finish it off. I then suggest we go for a walk into the town to see what shops are open. My brother is keen on this as he needs some new trainers. So we head down the road and into the shopping center. Not all the shops are open but some are. I take him to game, Wilko’s, and JD sports. Whilst in Game we are talking to the assistant about a playstation 4 and the deal on swapping a PS3. However I’m interupted by Alan calling “Nack we are on our way if your in”. “Well I’m not in but I’m not far I reply, come on down if you want”. I was surprised by this as I knew they’d gone to a party the night before and expected them to have not gone to bed until 4am! My brother was desperate to go to Aldi at the furthest part of the town center and so off we went.



And doing so took us past The Electric Palace Picture house. whilst Stockport has the Plaza we have this.


We make it to the Adli and buy lost of things I was intending to buy, including a door matt. Alan calls, “where are you?” “Still in the center, walk on down and well get a drink”


After a getting Alan lost we meet up in the car park. They had walked it was just easier to relocate them there and there they were waving at us. We headed into the Weather spoons and sat outside. Zoe got out a game about fireworks. A game where you have to play with each other and not against each other.


A game were you can’t look at your own cards.


A game were you have to be selectively helpful to each other to maximise the overall end score.


Very enjoyable as a foursome. They want some food so


we go to the pub that used to put bands on but now just serves food.


I have a milk shake, which Alan and Zoe seem very happy about.


One minute it is there.


the next it is gone. Ahhh lovely.


Our food comes and we get served. I reach for two chilli bottles and as if the one with the skull and cross bones is extra hot or something to be avoided at all costs. But apparently that's not why the skull and cross bones is on the bottle.


We head back to my place and we decide to sit in the garden. I get the table out that Mrs Poade gave to me and


Zoe gets out the game that I brought for her birthday.


We set the game up.


We read the rules and play.


and what appears to be a very complicate game at first is uniquely enjoyable.


But who is going to win, it appears so random?


the game goes on and on and on.


But not in a bad way.


And as we play some of us get better and better and better at it.


and some of don’t!


that would be me.


Tea is served


although my tea pot doesn’t contain earl grey to Zoe disappointment and neither does my kitchen.


the Buddha watches over us


and I show Zoe my fairy lights – although not my fairy.


The game comes to an end. And Micheal Menzel has produced a great game.


i know he’s done 3 others as well.


Alan and Zoe leave before dark and I take my brother home before going around my parents.


Time flies by before you know it.


I settle down and


try to watch that episode of Doctor who again all the way through. Its been a most enjoyable day.


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