Friday, September 12, 2014

In the Front Room?


After getting up and having a bollocking off my parents about the state of I’d left the house in from moving my stuff out I headed to work. Les calls and says “Have you forgotten anything?”. “Like what?” I reply. “Like the wardrobe you have left in my front room?” He says. “Ohh yeah I want that I’ll see if I can get the van and collect it this evening” I reply. We discuss the bollocking but both agree the situation would have been worse if the parents had been in and I’d tried to move out. There just wasn’t time to tidy up as well, I didn’t go to bed until midnight each night after working hard each day. I get to work and have a bacon sandwich. Now you may think this is odd. Why did he not have a full breakfast like most weeks. Well when I got up to be told off my mom was actually cooking me some bacon, so this is in fact breakfast two.


At work I’ve sold my guitar to Jon Pugh, I hope him and his wife have many happy hours with it. I did, but I’m no musician that's for sure. A good singer yes, but not at playing instruments.


Yeah I can have the van for the weekend and head on up north straight to Les’s house.


And 30 minutes later we have managed to get the flat packed second hand eBay wardrobe out of his front room window and onto the garden. Now to get it into the van. He says goodbye and says “Are you sure your not going to change your mind about coming to Blackpool Nack?” “I’d love to Les but I plan to move in this weekend” and off I drive from Penkridge into the sunset……..

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