Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No More Toasted Fish Fingers


I get up and decide to use some of that bacon that's in the fridge before it goes off, using the new frying pan. This ceramic stuffs great.


And with it I have some tomatoes and a banana.


I can’t believe how easy it is to drive through the centre of Cannock each morning. Its only when I reach the M6 that things go so wrong. The M6 is have abad week, there’s no doubt about that.


After work I go to the One Stop centre at Perry Barr. I visit Peacocks for some braces, but they don’t have any white ones. These will have to do. And then I visit Wilcos.


I get a picture frame and something else, but have a good look around. This store is a good Wilco’s and convenient to if I’m at work in the car. I nearly walk out with loads of stuff, but in the end leave with what I have come for and


also a bread knife I remembered I needed so much. At home I have several parcels. My dad has meet the postman as he called to tell me. He also told me there is no stop cock for the house outside, it must be a shared one for 4 terraced houses.


I reconginse one of the parcels open it up and yep, there are the LED bulbs.


I replace the bulbds I replaced yesterday in the kitchen and yikes with have 150W of brillant LED light at 12W.


So the lights will be on all the time.


I then head into the garage and do a lot of re-arranging in here including handing my bike carrier up. I note that I need another number plate and must order that soon.


And here is my very own lawn mower. not my dad’s mine.


After a good tidy up in there I put some fairy lights on the Christmas tree in the garden and note I need some more.


I go back in doors and before opening any more letters and parcels I put some draught excluding rubber on the doors and then get on with the second coat of paint in the rear hallway.


All is going well until I come down from the ladders, and then somehow, although the pain tin is to the side of the step ladders, I get a very slimy gunky feeling around my foot. I look down horrified! Yuk Yuk Yuk, that's one messy foot. Now how am I going to get that shoe clean without getting paint everywhere.


A few hours later it is done and the coat hangers are back up.


I look in the fridge to see what is for tea tonight. erm salad and I guess I could do some crispy bacon with it.


so out with that frying pan again. Now the kitch has an extractor fan and so far I’ve not used it. Until tonight. And I didn’t turn it on when I started cooking. Nope I turned it on after the fire alarms in the house wento off. Could I get the buggers to turn off? Nope. Did I cut the power to them. Yep. Did I open the doors? yep. Eventually the recket stopped, and I noted that when cooking the extractor should always be on.


I sit down to a salad feast.


Which is followed by opening the letters and parcels. Another 4 Tommy Walsh DIY books and an Amazon parcel from the huge distribution centre some 5 miles up the road in Rugley.


One big box containing a smaller wrapped box.


A little note…


to inspire me that life is not over yet, thankyou Alan and Zoe.


an I consider that I’m not going to have to live on fish fingers done in the toaster every night.


Nope I can still have chips from across the road.


So how do you use this think then, I can only hear the fire alarms going off in my head again!


I start to watch that film I was going to watch and get half way through it before realising I would be better off catching up on some sleep in bed.


And as I walk to the stairs I hear a voice, “OOO be careful of that fairy.” “Why?” I ask? “She’s not all she looks, she’s not a nice fairy at all and if your not careful she’ll drive you mad” was the reply. And with that I closed my eyes……..

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