Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The 3rd World


So the world of 3D is upon us. I go to Magenta Solutions and enjoy a day of getting to know how to use Vault and why!


Luckily I pass!


Mean while I have to try and find home insurance. What is the best deal with the level of cover I want.


Not the cheapest and maybe not the best. But most certainly not the most expensive! So this year I’m with L.V.


I get a present in the post.


A bodum tea pot without a spout! At a very bargin price of £19.00


With the 3D in mind I take a look back at my University of Wolverhampton work back in 1994. Yep here I was breaking the gorund by drawing a bike in 3D!


Although my final year project wasn’t a bike, it was an alamr locking device for the bike.


Wow how things have moved on!. To image though actually trying to do this back then!


And remembering how long it took for the powerfull PC to remodle it each time I made a change.


Even just changing the colour.


Well an intresting look back.


How to make bin buckets.


Yeah it looks a boring subject matter but was not. There was even a prize with a local business for these. I did not win it. There was a much better esign done and they desevered it.


I do wander though what it is your driving now…..

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