Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trip to the Tip


Sunday I wakeup before Alan and Zoe. The house is quiet and i feel awake so I decide to get up have a wash and shower. Their shower cubical is so nice that the hot water relaxed me and I fell back to sleep in there standing up! I’m not sure how long I was in there for but I do try not to have a Nack long shower when there. I get up and have some Crunchy nut cornflakes and tea and go and sit in the front room quietly. When they do get up Alan makes me some cooked breakfast and then Zoe says, “Nack we have a real treat for you today. Do you know where the tip is in Cannock?”. “Nope” I reply. “Well you should most definitely locate your nearest one, and today I’m going to show you ours!”. I’m shown the rubbish pile in the back garden and the car parked in front of the house and as if by magic the car is fully laden with stuff I want to make things out of. We don’t just go to the tip once though. Noooooo we have two trips, lucky old me.


Following this we meet Alan in the allotment.


Today is harvest day and what is it we are harvesting? Cauliflower.


runner beans, erm they smell nice.


and there's lots of them.


“Alan what is for tea tonight?” I ask.


Well I fancy some tomatoes. On second thoughts, what's happened here. Where is the love?


I set about rescuing the tomatoe plants Zoe hasn’t loved enough, and water and water and water them. Before I leave they are looking happier, maybe they will live, maybe they won’t.


We harvest the chilli plants


oh yeah and then


me and Alan go for a romatic walk around the other allotments.


I admire all the flowers people have grown to attract the wildlife.


And the allotment sit eis huge. So big, I just didn’t understand the vastness of it from Zoe small patch.


Its a lovely day.


The colourfulness of it all.


and we head back to Zoe’s patch.


She has dug and dug and dug whilst we have been elsewhere.


But she hasn’t dug up any beetroot yet. Nope she wants bigger beetroots.


With the recycling done at the allotment we head back to their house.


The harvest is put in the kitchen and


Alan set about making tea whilst I sit in the garden lounging infront of him


as he peers out of the window.


Oh course he’s not actually cooking yet. Nope he’s photographing someone in his garden and putting it on Facebook.


He cooks us tea and calls me and Zoe from the front room. I eventually appear to eat the meal he has kindly made for us, and eventually Zoe comes from her PS3 too.


And those Berries he got from the allotment he teased me with. We had them too.


I went home earlier than I normally do, which Alan and Zoe may have been pleased about, as in the morning I was going to start my commute by train for the first time ever. However I caught in the Sunday night rush for everyone heading to the south for work on Monday. It was a pants journey home for change rather than flying home like I usually do.


I put the fresh lovely tasting apples in the “Nack snack bowl”


and the cauliflower and runner beans in the fridge. For some reason Alan insisted I took something else home with me as well!

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